Discover the most comprehensive and powerful solutions for emergency call and nurse call. Elevate resident safety and experience. Put actionable information in the hands of caregivers. And gain new levels of insight into your performance.

Arial monitor on hospital wall
Healthcare professional assists elderly woman

STANLEY Healthcare offers the widest range of reliable and accurate emergency and nurse call solutions: wired and wireless options, and solutions certified to meet UL 1069 and UL 2560. All Arial solutions empower caregivers with better visibility to residents’ needs with extensive alerting, notification and reporting capabilities.

Emergency Call

The Arial solution enables residents to call for help from both personal pendants and fixed call stations, with the confidence that immediate, accurate notifications will be delivered to caregivers

UL 1069 Nurse Call

The Arial Nurse Call and Arial U solutions leverage both wired and wireless options certified to meet UL 1069 and UL 2560 requirements. Utilize a comprehensive nurse call solution, while still maintaining regulatory compliance.

Information at Caregiver’s Fingertips

Arial supports your mission to deliver excellent care by providing valuable insights into your resident’s care needs. Receive instant call alerts and use the Arial Mobile Application to improve workflow and capture important resident care information. The Arial dashboard provides key performance indicators, such as response time and encounter duration, by facility or across the business, enabling a more detailed understanding of how you’re performing in both care delivery and operational efficiency.

Impactful Integrations

Grow your investment through direct integrations to various care and safety systems for your community. From wander management to environmental sensors and fire panels, the Arial platform allows you to consolidate various management and reporting tools in one location. 


Senior living resident knits with Arial pendant around neck