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We’re always working to ensure that our Environmental Monitoring solution are helping hospitals and clinics protect those often irreplaceable assets. We do so through a suite of solutions, including automated Temperature Monitoring and Humidity Monitoring, as well as Visual Analytics to help clinicians and administrators study temperature/humidity trends and find ways to drive continuous improvement. It’s all powered by and through our AeroScout MobileView RTLS platform.

Most recently, we were excited to announce a new set of capabilities: contact sensor tags that fully integrate with MobileView. These tags, which can be used on refrigeration and freezer units, windows and doors, and on smoke-, water- and motion-detection systems, empower hospitals and clinics to take environmental monitoring to a new level.

New environmental monitoring capabilities for donated blood stewardship

Our longstanding automated solutions issue an alert whenever temperature or humidity conditions are approaching risky levels. By integrating the contact sensor tags, it becomes possible to receive proactive alerts that, for example, a cryogenic freezer door has been left open when it should always be closed. That means you can address those kinds of potential risks well before they create risks to patient safety.

These contact sensor tags work by reporting against “Normally Open” or “Normally Closed” standards. It makes it much faster and easier to know when something is amiss—whether that’s a door left open on a medical cabinet or cart, a refrigerator door that’s ajar or even a smoke detector that has been triggered in a remote facility. It helps take even more guesswork out of maintaining the assets that are crucial to preserving precious human tissues and costly medicines and vaccines.

Again, we encourage you to give blood in January—or any time that you’re able to do so. Meanwhile, we will continue working hard to support hospitals and clinics year round, and invite you to engage with us.