Enable resident locating

The GW3000 and GW3100 Gateways act as receivers for messages from resident wearables to give accurate location.


Installs easily on
your network

Scalable and expandable

The Gateways can be installed to cover any size of area. The GW3000 is an economical choice where one Gateway can provide the desired coverage, while the GW3100 is designed to be installed in a chained fashion to cover larger areas.

Out-of-Area and Out-of-Range Alerts

Out-of-Area alerts are raised when a resident is located outside a designated area. Out-of-Range alarms occur when a resident is no longer seen by the system, which may indicate the resident has left the building


You can define zones within the area covered by Gateways to create virtual barriers. Alerts can be generated in the Arial software when a resident enters or leaves a particular zone.

Multiple power options

Both Gateways can be powered by a 24/48 V power supply, 24/48 V central power, POE or POE+.