A powerful platform for real-time applications

The MobileView platform drives STANLEY Healthcare’s AeroScout and Protection solutions, putting essential information into the hands of caregivers to improve care and increase efficiency.


Track, manage, alert
and integrate 

Whether for protecting infants, locating equipment or monitoring temperature conditions, the MobileView platform helps caregivers focus on the task at hand.


With MobileView’s visual and interactive maps and rich searching capabilities, users can quickly and easily locate assets, patients and colleagues; view status and condition data in real time; view inventory levels and make sure valuable equipment stays where it's supposed to.


MobileView offers flexible, advanced management capabilities for the diverse population of people and things hospitals need to track. The user interface is customized for each use case – users only see the information and commands that are relevant to them.


The Instant Notifier desktop application and Mobile Instant Notifier deliver real-time alerts directly to caregivers, displaying key information such as the current location on a map, the status and an identifying image (such as an icon or photo). An enterprise-grade Complex Event Processing engine enables customization of alert routing.


With an impressive spectrum of built-in integrations, MobileView can supply real-time data to virtually any other system, including the EMR, and receive data from a variety of health information systems. A rich, WSDL-based open API supports easy custom integrations.