Small size. Big protection.

Keep residents at risk of wandering comfortable and protected with the WanderGuard BLUE Wearable Bracelet. Discreet yet powerful, it triggers alarms and can lock monitored doors to prevent the resident leaving unattended.


Individual protection
for residents

Each WanderGuard BLUE Wearable Bracelet has a unique electronic serial number, so that each resident can be identified in person in the system.

Comfortable design

Worn like a bracelet, the WanderGuard BLUE Wearable is one of the smallest and lightest on the market. In addition to the standard wristband, Securaband™—a more resilient, cut-proof wristband—is also available. 

Durable and sanitary

The bracelet is waterproof (IP67 compliant). Its smooth surface is easy to sterilize and reduces bacteria growth.

Easy management

Every WanderGuard BLUE Wearable Bracelet is activated wirelessly by the WanderGuard BLUE Detector, and multiple bracelets can be activated at the same time. The most current data on all bracelets can be viewed in the WanderGuard BLUE Manager mobile application at any time.

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