Innovative Solutions to Improve Quality, Safety and Efficiency

Each and every day, our mission at Stanley Healthcare is to empower our 4,800 acute care and 11,000 senior care customers with innovative solutions to improve quality, safety and efficiency for better patient care outcomes. Our consulting team helps hospitals achieve EMR adoption, improve learning and retention and save millions of dollars each year. Our healthcare storage and mobility solutions are carefully designed to enable clinicians to do their jobs more efficiently and maximize time at the point of care. And our security and safety applications provide protection to patients and residents facing specific risks - whether abduction, elopement or falls. We invite you to learn more about our customer successes and our solutions portfolio:

Supply Chain & Asset Management

Supply chain solutions Medical storage Inventory management Point of care technology

Security & Protection

Infant patient security Pediatric patient security Adult patient security RTLS tracking Fall management Wander management

Patient & Resident Safety

Fall management Wander management Wireless emergency call Door automation

Clinical Operations & Workflow

Clinical Operations & Workflow

Environmental Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring

Consulting & Professional Services

EMR strategy and implementation eLearning solutions Transformational Lean™ consulting