Clinical Operations & Workflow

In high-acuity departments such as the OR and ED and in Outpatient clinics, knowing the real-time location and status of clinical staff, patients, rooms and critical clinical equipment is essential to improving patient care and departmental workflow. Lack of such visibility can slow patient throughput—adversely affecting quality of care and outcomes, as well as financial stability and staff satisfaction.

Solution Overview

STANLEY Healthcare’s AeroScout® Patient Flow and AeroScout® Staff Workflow solutions provide hospital- and clinic-wide visibility to improve patient satisfaction and operational efficiency. By monitoring the status and location of people and resources, these solutions provide data for real-time enterprise awareness and robust business intelligence to measure performance, identify trends and pinpoint opportunities for process improvement. As a part of STANLEY Healthcare’s Wi-Fi RTLS platform, the Patient Flow and Staff Workflow solutions offer several options and integrations to expand security, increase patient safety and support efficient workflow.

New Solution Enhancement:  STANLEY Healthcare has taken our Clinical Operations & Workflow solutions a step further.  RoomCheck allows hospitals and clinics to ‘see through walls’ and beyond.  RoomCheck is a mobile solution mounted on any wall to provide real-time information about what’s happening in the room, including rooms status, patient information, staff in the room, current location of patient, room temperature and more.

Solution Benefits

The Patient Flow and Staff Workflow solutions directly address some of the most important issues in healthcare today*, such as HCAHPS scores, wait times, patient experience, facility reputation and staff satisfaction.

Our solutions enable hospitals and outpatients clinics to:

  • Enhance patient experience through reduced wait times and improved care delivery
  • Increase revenue by improving patient satisfaction and staff efficiency
  • Drive process improvement with sophisticated business intelligence tools, at-a-glance displays and customer-defined real-time alerts
  • Reduce costs through utilization awareness of resources, capacity and equipment
  • Improve operational efficiency and staff satisfaction by decreasing search times and providing visible operation tools for managing departments and clinics---including integration with ADT and scheduling, ORIS, EDIS and capacity management systems
  • Provide peace of mind to waiting family members though timely and effective communication

STANLEY Healthcare's Patient Flow solutions

OR Patient Flow

  • Real-time location and status of patients and staff moving throughout the perioperative process
  • Automatic update of milestones into ORIS and tracking boards
  • Real-time location of critical equipment required for room setup
  • OR flow metrics
  • Humidity monitoring of surgical suites
  • Temperature monitoring of OR refrigeration units

ED Patient Flow

  • Real-time location and status of patients and staff moving throughout the emergency and ancillary departments
  • Automatic update of locations into EDIS and tracking boards
  • Real-time visibility of critical medical devices
  • Automatic updates of patient and staff presence in treatment areas

Clinic Patient Flow

  • Real-time location and status of patients and staff moving throughout exam rooms
  • Integration to ADT and scheduling systems
  • Analysis of patient-staff interaction times to optimize scheduling
  • Real-time arrival and wait time alerts

* Based on the AHA Patient Flow Report, generated from surveying the attendees of AHA Solutions Patient Flow Education Sessions