Realize the Full Potential of Your Information Systems Investment

Hospitals rely on healthcare information systems as a key to deliver gains in patient safety, staff productivity and financial performance. Stanley Healthcare's consulting services help you make the best technology choices, and then implement them for maximum impact.

EMR Strategy & Implementation

Stanley Healthcare delivers exceptionally successful healthcare information system implementations, with people who understand the realities of the hospital environment and have the ability to shape technology solutions that fit your hospital's culture. Our commitment extends far beyond the proper implementation of the technology, ensuring that your staff understands how workflows will change and how to achieve the maximum benefits.

Business Intelligence/Report Writing

Every EMR system holds a wealth of valuable data – but only if you know how to get it. When properly extracted and managed, this data can become a vital tool for understanding and resolving the business challenges facing your organization.

Stanley Healthcare has the expertise you need to help make that happen. Our business intelligence and report writing services deliver measurable results, whether your goal is to eliminate backlogs or redesign an entire organizational structure for greater efficiency and transparency.

Transformational Lean™ Process Optimization

Transformational Lean is a powerful consulting solution to analyze healthcare processes and then re-engineer them for dramatic improvement in both patient and financial outcomes. Combining multiple problem solving capabilities, Transformational Lean delivers step-change improvement in patient safety, operational excellence and financial performance, while facilitating organizational readiness for change.

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