Healthcare Asset Tracking & Management

rtls healthcare, asset tracking, healthcare asset management, real time locating for healthcare, staff tracking with RTLS
rtls healthcare, asset tracking, healthcare asset management, real time locating for healthcare, staff tracking with RTLS

Improve Staff Efficiency, Increase Equipment Utilization and Lower Operational Costs with Automated Asset Tracking and Management

Productivity drain

Manual processes to manage capital and rental equipment are inefficient, labor-intensive, and error-prone.

Equipment availability

If staff finds it difficult to locate the portable equipment they need, they may stockpile it when they do locate it—exacerbating the issue of equipment availability.

High inventory costs

Because they have a hard time locating needed equipment, health systems end up purchasing or renting more than they actually need, which inflates their inventory costs.

Patient dissatisfaction

Patients often have to wait for equipment when staff have difficulty locating it. Not only can this be a stressor for patients, it can be dangerous.

Improve efficiency

Reduce staff time spent searching for, delivering, maintaining, and cleaning equipment through real-time status and location of equipment.

Reduce costs

Increase equipment utilization and lower shrinkage rates while decreasing rental fees and penalties.

Improve patient outcomes and experiences

Provide immediate access to equipment and reduce wait times.

Increase staff productivity

Reduce time and effort associated with maintaining par levels.

Help prevent the spread of infection

Provide location history that pinpoints equipment associated with an infectious patient.

Drive better decision making

Gain a higher level of operational insight into inventory quantity and location, par levels and equipment process cycle status with powerful, visually-driven analytics.

Greater operational insights

MobileView Analytics is a visually driven business intelligence tool that transforms complex data into operational insights to drive better decision making, pinpoint process bottlenecks, understand staff behavior and apply predictive analytics to anticipate future asset needs. Asset Management analytics is available on-premise or through a cloud-based subscription.

  • Explore asset utilization: see real-time utilization enterprise-wide to understand the effectiveness of current asset utilization and enable more intelligent decisions moving forward.

  • Investigate par levels: understand how well current par level practices are performing, identify areas for improvement and enable materials management to manage by exception and provide clinicians with seamless, behind-the-scenes provisioning.

  • Analyze cyclical asset flow in context: know in real-time where in the process of equipment management inventory is at all times (e.g., in use, soiled, cleaned, EPS, in transit or clean utility.)

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