A suite of products to give you the ideal solution

The WanderGuard® system gives you unprecedented choice to design a solution that is right for your facility, from stand-alone coverage to a fully integrated departure alert system. And the modular design means that you can upgrade at any time.

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Signaling Devices

With the WanderGuard system, you can choose from two patient-centered care alternatives: a 90-day bracelet that complies with regular patient assessments, and a 12-month bracelet, intended for the patient who presents a longer term departure risk.

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WanderGuard E

Reliable stand-alone door coverage of single or double doors, hallways or elevators, with such standard features as alarm Pre-Alert™, programmable digital keypad, continual self-check, and wireless environment monitoring function.

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WanderGuard ID

The WanderGuard ID system provides caregivers with the patient ID to help quickly identify the patient who has wandered. You can also have alarms and Pre-Alert relayed to a central station for monitoring from one convenient location. WanderGuard ID will also identify a low battery patient bracelet.

Download the WanderGuard ID flush mount and WanderGuard ID surface mount brochures.

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WanderGuard ID with Arial

With the addition of the Arial® software, the WanderGuard ID system becomes an integrated solution for wander management. Alarm information is available both at the door, and at the Arial console, which displays a customized map of your facility. In addition, staff can be notified of alarms via a pager anywhere in your facility.

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WanderGuard Portable

This battery-operated system is a wholly self-contained WanderGuard unit that is installed in minutes to provide temporary protection to individuals at risk of wandering. This point-of-care protection is ideal for short stays or other temporary needs, and can be easily transferred from one room to another.

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Delayed Egress Magnetic Locks Stanley’s

Delayed Egress Magnetic Locks are the perfect companion to WanderGuard. With “selective locking,” you can have the lock activate when a wanderer approaches a monitored exit. Locks can also be programmed to activate at certain times of the day, providing general access control for your facility.

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Access Control Components Stanley has all the tools you need to control all you exits, including keypads, push buttons and power supplies. Download the Access Control brochure.

  • Indoor & Outdoor Keypads
  • Pressure Sensitive Button
  • Keyed Switch with LED
  • Stopper Station

Catch-All™ non-selective door alarms Catch-All non-selective door alarms alert staff whenever an unauthorized person opens a monitored door. Catch-All is an economical solution for monitoring doors in door locations where complete traffic control is desired. Catch-Alls can be integrated with WanderGuard remote annunciators and for remote alarm notification and paging. Download the Catch-All non-selective door alarms brochure to learn more.