Healthcare Platform Server, Version 6.3

Healthcare Platform Server is the name of the software used to run the Patient Security suite of Stanley Healthcare products: the Hugs, Pedz and Passport systems.

Healthcare Platform Server 6.3 is the latest release with a range of new features for easier workflow, greater integration and better IT management for patient satisfaction and efficiency improvements. Key benefits and features are:

Vocera and HP7 Integration

  • Reduces the use of audible alarms and enables staff to spend more time at the patient bedside
  • Pushes key information to caregivers and enables them to respond right on the spot
  • Automates tasks and reduces the chance of error
  • Hospitals have new ways to push information to staff for faster response times

Common Infrastructure

  • Reduces the amount of administration across the Hugs, Pedz and Passport systems
  • Provides better control by centrally managing user accounts