Wander management for hospitals

The RoamAlert® system is a proven solution for protecting patients prone to wandering. With multiple tags to choose from and many options for installation, you can build the right solution for your facility. Download the RoamAlert for Hospitals brochure. movie Watch the RoamAlert acute care presentation.

Key features of RoamAlert:

Cost-effective The modular nature of the RoamAlert system means that you get exactly the solution you need… without paying for features you don’t want. It can cover a single door, or an entire department. It can continually supervise each patient tag, or guard perimeter exits only. The choice is yours. Cut-resistant band The Securaband™ tag for RoamAlert provides a tough physical barrier to unauthorized removal. The strap has two metal wires running its full length, with a special clasp to lock the strap in place. Patient locating The RoamAlert system can locate any patient at any time. Location information can be as accurate as the specific room. Supports emergency response With the addition of Pendant tags, the RoamAlert system can also protect staff from violence, enabling them to call for help from anywhere in the department.