Asset Tracking and RTLS Solutions

The AeroScout Healthcare Visibility Suite

Stanley Healthcare is proud to now offer the market leading Real-Time Location System (RTLS) solutions of AeroScout. These RTLS solutions provide visibility into the location, status and condition of assets, patients and staff throughout all departments of a hospital or healthcare organization. AeroScout’s modular and scalable applications leverage clients’ existing Wi-Fi infrastructure and integrate with many healthcare IT software systems.

  • Asset Management – Real-time equipment tracking for automated inventory management, par level management, order fulfillment, rental management and preventive maintenance.
  • Temperature & Humidity Monitoring – Automates and optimizes the current manual processes that most hospitals have for monitoring temperature and humidity in refrigerators, freezers and rooms.
  • Patient & Staff Safety – A set of applications for Patient Elopement, Staff Duress and Patient Distress.
  • Patient Flow – Real-time visibility of patients within and between departments and the availability of rooms and beds to improve workflow, ensure procedures begin on time and decrease patient wait times.
  • Infection Control – Provides automated and streamlined hand hygiene monitoring and reporting.
  • Supply Chain Visibility – Management of medical supplies throughout the healthcare supply chain.

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