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STANLEY Healthcare Delivers Visibility Solutions that Advance the Quality of Care

Healthcare providers believe that each patient and resident should receive the best care their community can offer, round-the-clock, 365 days a year. We, at STANLEY Healthcare, share their passion for innovative healthcare and memorable patient and resident experiences and are committed to providing visual healthcare solutions that:

  • Ensure safety and security
  • Improve patient and resident experiences
  • Optimize workflow
  • Increase operational efficiency

Leading the Way in Mobile and Visual Healthcare Solutions

When it comes to mobile, wearable and visual healthcare, STANLEY Healthcare is ahead of the curve. Our suite of healthcare solutions includes AeroScout® RTLS (real-time location systems) healthcare, Hugs® infant protection, WanderGuard® and RoamAlert®wander management, Arial® wireless emergency and nurse call. We also deliver clinical operations and workflow solutions, patient tracking, patient flow, wireless temperature monitoring and asset management. Visit our Healthcare Solutions section to learn more about how we help hospitals and senior living communities.

Making Best Practices, Common Practice

When a hospital patient, senior living resident or caregiver needs assistance, STANLEY Healthcare’s solutions can identify the best and nearest staff person, send them a text, and get them to the patient, resident or caregiver efficiently. If that staff member needs specific equipment, they can immediately locate the closest one to them with STANLEY Healthcare’s asset tracking and management solution. In sensitive areas, staff, patient or resident credentials are authenticated by non-intrusive, positive ID, eliminating the risk of unauthorized entry or exit. Patient-resident and room status are visible at nurse’s stations, but should a change occur as the nurse is en route to a room, they can see it on the wall-mounted display before entering – a key tool to improving patient and staff workflow.

Healthcare providers are continually challenged to manage increased patient volume, while coping with fewer resources. More and more are finding that a partnership with STANLEY Healthcare brings cutting-edge healthcare solutions that keep pace with the challenges they face today and those to come.