AeroScout Links makes environmental monitoring in healthcare simple and affordable. It’s a self-deployed IoT platform that will have you monitoring temperature and other environmental conditions in minutes

AeroScout t15e Temperature Tag
Nurse places AeroScout Links tag into refrigerator

24/7 Monitoring

AeroScout Links ensures that every refrigerator or other device is continually monitored, alerting you via mobile app when your intervention is required.

Built for Healthcare

Designed for compliance reporting under CDC Guidelines, The Joint Commission Hospital Standards, CMS, FDA and state regulations.

Easy Deployment and Management

As a cloud-based solution, AeroScout Links has no server or software installation requirements. Deployment is straightforward and requires no special knowledge. 

Cost Effective

AeroScout Links offers a low service charge based on the size of your deployment. You don’t pay for any more than you need, and you can expand at any time.

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AeroScout Links Cloud monitoring app on tablet