Arkansas Children's Hospital Achieves Significant Improvements in Operational Efficiency and Staff Satisfaction with STANLEY Healthcare's Asset Management Solution

New Asset Tracking Solution Enables Hospital to Avoid Thousands in Monthly Equipment Purchases

WALTHAM, Mass., December 10, 2013 — STANLEY Healthcare, a market leading provider of safety, security and operational efficiency solutions for the healthcare industry, today announced an advanced deployment of its AeroScout® Asset Management Solution at Arkansas Children's Hospital. The Little Rock-based hospital is using the Real Time Location System (RTLS) to manage a variety of assets, including feeding pumps, specialty wheelchairs and other medical equipment, as well as tablet computers and mobile workstations.

Recognizing the strengths of STANLEY Healthcare's AeroScout solution, Arkansas Children's Hospital decided to replace their existing RFID solution to gain the asset location capabilities they required. "Our previous solution only enabled us to see that an item was in the building. We spent a fair amount of time looking for equipment; roughly 1 hour per shift for a single misplaced piece of equipment. With the new solution, our personnel can pinpoint the location of an asset to within 9 to 12 feet," explains Wally Davis, Radiology/Biomed Tech III for Arkansas Children's Hospital. 

Arkansas Children's Hospital is now using the solution to track items such as its inventory of Kangaroo® feeding pumps. With real-time visibility into the location of pumps, the hospital estimates that it is saving 20 hours of staff time per week.

"Now we can find our own pumps, know their status in real-time and ensure that they're available when needed for patient care," Davis says. "That's not only saving valuable staff time—it also helps us use equipment more efficiently and reduce expenses by maintaining a smaller surplus."

Davis adds that Arkansas Children's Hospital has also tagged numerous technology assets, including iPad® mobile digital devices used in the Department of Neurology and mobile workstations used throughout the hospital. "With the tags in place, we have not had any reports of loss of these devices," Davis says. "In addition to deterring theft, the AeroScout system helps us locate the iPads and mobile workstations when they are misplaced." 

The hospital has tagged a range of clinical equipment and supplies—helping drive efficiency and reduce costs in part by preventing clinicians from creating their own stockpiles. Location visibility also helps in ensuring that equipment is available when and where it's needed. "In our PT/Rehab department, we've tagged specialty wheelchairs and walkers, enabling us to track these critical items and ensure that they're readily available for patient use. This has greatly improved staff satisfaction while supporting even better patient care," says Davis.

Additionally, clinicians are experiencing firsthand the benefits of real-time locating capabilities: "Recently our Cardiovascular ICU called looking for an item that they were unable to locate after a manual search," Davis recalls. "We were able to direct them to the item's specific location inside a CV patient suite."

To support ongoing initiatives to drive efficiencies, cost savings and improvements in patient care, Davis says that Arkansas Children's Hospital future plans include tracking infusion pumps and syringe pumps, as well as using RTLS for temperature monitoring of laboratory refrigerators and freezers. 

"The implementation of the new AeroScout Asset Management solution was a smooth process in collaboration with our IT team, who helped with training, calibration and ongoing system administration," Davis says.

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