Davis Medical Center Realizes Shorter Patient Wait Times and Visit Times with STANLEY Healthcare’s AeroScout Patient Flow Solution

Detailed data on length of visit, wait times, and patient/provider contact time have enabled the hospital to accurately measure and drive improvement in key areas impacting patient satisfaction

WALTHAM, Mass., February 8, 2017 — STANLEY Healthcare, a market leading provider of visibility solutions and analytics for the healthcare industry, today released findings from Davis Medical Center in Elkins, West Virginia, on the impact of its AeroScout Patient Flow solution for clinics on average patient wait times and visit length across all of its clinics. The increased visibility provided by the solution has enabled the hospital to set new and ambitious services goals, with a number of clinics already exceeding initial targets.

The AeroScout solution was implemented in May 2016 and the hospital spent five months measuring current performance before setting its new service targets in October 2016, with the intent to evaluate them at six-month intervals. Results favorable to targets have been achieved in terms of both wait times and visit times:
Average Wait Times

  • Family Practice: 9-14 minutes (depending on provider) reduced to 7 minutes, with some providers at under 5 minutes;
  • Podiatry Clinic: 14 minutes reduced to 9.7 minutes, with some providers at under 7 minutes;
  • General Surgery: 10 minutes reduced to 6.9 minutes.

Average Visit Time

  • Women’s Healthcare: 10 minutes below goal of 60 minutes;
  • Pain Management Clinic: 5 minutes below goal of 60 minutes;
  • Orthopedics Clinic: 8 minutes below goal of 60 minutes;
  • General Surgery: 5 minutes below goal of 60 minutes.

“Davis Medical Center is growing rapidly, and we recognize that we need to operate efficiently in order to deliver an excellent patient experience,” says Tiffany Auvil, Lead LPN / Point of Care Testing Coordinator at Davis Medical Center. “The data from the AeroScout solution have given us new insight into how we are performing, and allowed us to set new goals and measure our performance. We’ve always known that patient wait times are a major driver of patient satisfaction, but we now have detailed data showing how we’re doing at the clinic and provider level.”

Davis Medical Center is a large outpatient center with multiple specialties. It is using the AeroScout Patient Flow solution in all of its clinics located on the main campus, with all patients and providers wearing small Wi-Fi badges. Room-level resolution enables the hospital to see in detail where patients are throughout their visit, how long they spend at each stage of care, and the time spent with providers and other staff members.. The real-time status of patients and rooms is shown on a large display in each area, giving clinic staff a complete view of current conditions so that bottlenecks can be immediately addressed.

The increased visibility is helping to drive positive culture change at Davis Medical Center. With nurses able to see concrete and reliable data on wait times, friendly competition has set in to drive wait times even lower. 

For deeper analysis of performance, the hospital relies on MobileView Analytics, an integral part of the Patient Flow solution. Visual dashboards enable Auvil and managers in the various clinics to see how each clinic and provider are performing on any given day, as well as over time. As the hospital gathers more data from the AeroScout solution, its understanding of the factors that contribute to a good patient experience has deepened. “We’ve had a lot of growth in our Family Clinic, with new providers joining the practice,” notes Auvil. “This has complicated meeting our goal for total visit length because we’re really busy. But on the other hand, the Contact Time and Phase of Care dashboard shows us that providers are spending significant time with patients, which is also very important for a good patient experience, as well as a successful outcome.”

Based on the success of the Patient Flow solution, Davis Medical Center is expanding to other use cases for STANLEY Healthcare’s AeroScout real-time location and visibility platform. The hospital is implementing wireless Environmental Monitoring at its main location as well as standalone clinics to monitor refrigerated storage of vaccines and pharmaceuticals. Real-time Asset Management for its fleet of IV pumps is also under consideration. 

The Patient Flow solution along with STANLEY Healthcare’s other visibility, analytics and patient safety solutions will be on view at the HIMSS Annual Conference & Exhibition in Orlando, Florida, February 19-23, 2017. Find STANLEY Healthcare at booth # 5761 and in the Intelligent Health Pavilion.

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