Florida Hospital and STANLEY Healthcare Sign Multi-Year Agreement to Improve Patient Experience and Quality of Care

Industry Leaders to Jointly Develop “Living Laboratory Test and Demonstration Center” for Innovative RTLS Visibility Solutions


CELEBRATION, Fla., June 18, 2014 – Florida Hospital and STANLEY Healthcare have signed a strategic alliance with the help of Florida Hospital Strategic Venture Group to develop powerful new visibility solutions and analytics for healthcare professionals to improve the patient experience, ensure safety and security, optimize clinical workflow and increase operational efficiency. The unique partnership will establish a system-wide strategic relationship including a “Living Laboratory Test and Demonstration Center” located at Florida Hospital Celebration Health, to create and test new clinical applications, research projects and concepts for Real Time Location Services (RTLS) technology to further advance how healthcare is delivered.

Florida Hospital believes there are innumerous opportunities to drive improvement through the innovative products STANLEY Healthcare is developing and we could not have any higher confidence that our collective efforts will provide value across the healthcare system,” says Jayne Bassler, Florida Hospital Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer.

The collaboration will enable Florida Hospital and STANLEY Healthcare to drive new types of insights through the use of predictive analytics, such as the use of RTLS technology to reduce healthcare costs and to help staff proactively detect circumstances that could impact the patient experience and take corrective action in advance. Potential examples include optimized ED staffing levels to minimize wait times, proactive interventions to prevent potential falls before they occur, or optimized temperature and humidity levels based on patient preference.

“We see tremendous potential in the power of RTLS technology to transform how healthcare is delivered and we’re proud to be collaborating with Florida Hospital on this innovative Living Laboratory Test and Demonstration Center,” says Jason Santamaria, president of STANLEY Healthcare. “Our goal is to empower healthcare professionals with visibility solutions and analytics to advance the quality of care, by ensuring safety and security, improving the patient experience, optimizing clinical workflow and increasing operational efficiency.”

Florida Hospital Celebration Health and STANLEY Healthcare currently have several innovative RTLS deployments in place for asset tracking, staff workflow, patient flow, environmental monitoring and hand hygiene compliance. For example, to track, analyze and enhance clinical workflow, nurses at Celebration Health can opt into a program where a small sensor is placed on their hospital ID badge to track their movements throughout the hospital during the workday. The resulting insight on workflow patterns gathered from the nurse tracking tags has been used to make changes in things ranging from nurse scheduling to the layout of nurse stations and patient rooms.

“From its inception, Celebration Health was designed to be an innovative and compassionate hospital with a focus not only on healing, but also on health,” says Florida Hospital Celebration Health Senior Vice President and CEO Dr. Monica Reed. “We built a foundation around four purposes, one of which is to be a living laboratory. We are eager to see the meaningful data we will collect through this partnership, which will continue to guide us as we address the needs of the communities we serve.”  

The two organizations plan to leverage the knowledge from their existing deployments to significantly accelerate the pace of innovation in the new “Living Laboratory” At Celebration Health. Learnings from the innovations will be implemented across the Florida Hospital Division hospitals and campuses and incorporated by Stanley Healthcare into development of their products and services.

About Florida Hospital

Opened in 1908, Florida Hospital is a faith-based institution focused on providing whole person care. It is one of the largest not-for-profit hospitals in the country, caring for more than a million patient visits per year – more than any other hospital in the country, according to the American Hospital Association. The more than 2,000-bed system is comprised of eight hospitals, including the Walt Disney Pavilion at Florida Hospital for Children, 30 outpatient facilities and numbers of urgent care centers known as Centra Cares across the state.

With advanced research and industry partnerships, Florida Hospital seeks to extend and improve the quality of lives through the translation of fundamental scientific discoveries to the diagnosis and treatment of human disease.

About the Florida Hospital Strategic Venture Group

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