Florida Hospital to Present on STANLEY Healthcare’s OR Patient Flow Solution on HealthITAnalytics Industry Webinar

Solution monitors the location, status and interactions of patients and staff at every stage of care in surgical services, with multiple dashboards displaying real-time status in the OR waiting area, Pre-Op, PACU and acute care units

WALTHAM, Mass., Nov 19, 2015 — STANLEY Healthcare, a market leading provider of visibility solutions and analytics for the healthcare industry, announced today that Florida Hospital will be presenting on STANLEY Healthcare’s AeroScout® Patient Flow solution and MobileView® Analytics business intelligence platform during a HealthITAnalytics webinar, sponsored by Tableau Software, on Thursday, December 3 at 1:00 PM ET.

Florida Hospital has deployed the solution at its Celebration Health campus throughout surgical services—from the OR waiting area and Pre-Op to Intra-Op, PACU and acute care units—to monitor the location and status of patients, staff and rooms, with visual dashboards for patients’ families, clinical staff and process improvement experts. The Celebration Health General Surgery teams treat nearly 10,000 cases annually in 11 operating suites and 14 PACU bays.

The presentation by Ashley Simmons, Director of Innovation Development at Florida Hospital, will review several key aspects of this ground-breaking solution, including the conceptualization and development of new visual dashboards and analytics for staff across surgical services, and new performance metrics based on the highly granular information on patient location and status that is now available to the hospital.

“Florida Hospital sees Real-Time Location System (RTLS) as a core technology to help us deliver high quality and efficient care. After seeing the benefits from the technology for Asset Management, Environmental Monitoring, Staff Workflow and other applications, the next logical step was to tackle our complex processes and communication needs related to surgical patient flow,” says Simmons. “We are very excited by the results and further potential for this solution. The real-time data provides detailed, minute-by-minute updates that enable caregivers to make better decisions to improve the patient experience and throughput. I look forward to sharing the insights we have gained with other hospitals and health systems on the HealthITAnalytics webinar.”

Among the results identified to date by Florida Hospital:

  • A reduction of 10-24 minutes in the total time in recovery for patients in the OR (May 2015 vs. May 2014);
  • Total recovery times are significantly more predictable, with on average 20% less variation;
  • A reduction of 6-16 minutes in hold times in the PACU between when a patient meets release criteria to when they are moved to an acute care unit;
  • 75% reduction in calls or person-to-person communication between staff in the acute care unit to confirm basic information, which is now displayed through dashboards. 

The Patient Flow solution at Florida Hospital leverages STANLEY Healthcare’s market-leading RTLS technology—already in use for multiple applications including Staff Workflow, Asset Management and Environmental Monitoring—combined with the visual dashboards of MobileView Analytics, STANLEY Healthcare’s business intelligence platform powered by Tableau. Surgical patients and staff members wear RTLS badges to monitor location, status and interactions. Dashboards allow staff to look “upstream” and “downstream” to improve communication, streamline case preparation, advance patient throughput and expedite room turnover.  Real-time dashboards implemented at Florida Hospital include:

  • OR Waiting Area Dashboard features list of current surgical patients, giving family members real-time milestones/locations for loved ones;
  • Pre-Op Status Dashboard lists patients checked in/waiting or currently in Pre-Op and offers summary view of all scheduled patients to monitor their progression to an on-time surgery start;
  • PACU Status Dashboard includes list and summary of patients in surgery or recovering. This dashboard gives PACU staff real-time visibility into patient location, patient status in the OR, patient status in the PACU and total recovery time. Staff can look “upstream” to see patients in the OR and when to expect them in the PACU and “downstream” to see delays in acute care units;
  • Acute Care Unit Status Dashboard lists patients in PACU or the acute care unit. Staff can look “upstream” to see patients in the PACU: location, milestone, when they’re ready for transport to the unit, and details on potential delays;
  • OR Status Dashboards deliver high-level, real-time statuses for all surgical services areas. OR management use the dashboard to understand how surgical services are performing compared to key performance indicator statuses—on target, slightly below or major delays—and address them immediately to improve the outcome for the day.

The HealthITAnalytics webinar is offered free of charge and will take place on Thursday, December 3 1:00 PM ET.  For webinar registration and more information, visit the HealthITAnalytics website at http://healthitsecurity.hs-sites.com/improving-operating-room-patient-flow-w-real-time-data

Further information on the Patient Flow solution and MobileView Analytics:

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