LRGHealthcare Deploys STANLEY Healthcare’s Hugs Wi-Fi Infant Protection Solution with Kisses Mother/Infant Matching

Additional layers of security and new workflow options contribute to increased safety and improved patient experience

WALTHAM, Mass., December 3, 2015STANLEY Healthcare a market leading provider of visibility solutions and analytics for the healthcare industry, today announced that LRGHealthcare has deployed the Hugs Wi-Fi Infant Protection solution with Kisses® Mother/Infant Matching in the Lakes Region General Hospital (LRGH) Family Birthplace. LRGH is the first hospital in the state of New Hampshire to use the latest generation of Hugs.

The Hugs solution protects newborn infants against the risk of abduction not only in the Family Birthplace but anywhere in the hospital covered by Wi-Fi. Each infant wears a tiny Hugs Wi-Fi tag on the ankle that is attached with a special tamper-detecting band. From the moment the tag is attached, the infant is protected by multiple layers of security, including exit protection, tamper detection to alert on unauthorized removal of the tag, continual supervision, and alerts if the infant is detected in an unauthorized area of the hospital.

In addition, LRGH is using the Kisses® component of the Hugs solution to provide automatic and audible matching of infants and mothers. Each mother is given a Kisses tag, which is bonded with her infant’s Hugs tag; whenever the two are brought together anywhere in the hospital, the Hugs tag checks for a proper match.

The Family Birthplace provides exemplary care to moms, babies, and families following the National Best Standards of Care.  There are eight suites which are arranged to allow for a mother to labor, deliver, and recover in one room without separating the baby from family. The Family Birthplace also supports mothers through triage care; meeting their needs before their due date and on through supportive nursery care for their infant. Family Birthplace expects to deliver 325 babies this year. The purchase of the Hugs solution for the Family Birthplace was made possible by a successful community fundraising campaign and a grant from the NH1 Children’s Auction.

Lauren Murphy RN, MSN, Coordinator of Family Birthplace comments, “LRGHealthcare strives to achieve organizational excellence and superior care in patient safety, security, and protection of our infants.  Hugs and Kisses is just one of many initiatives we have recently implemented and our staff continues to seek innovative solutions, educational opportunities, and technology to advance the care and experience we provide our families, moms and babies.”

The Hugs Wi-Fi solution provides a number of benefits over its predecessor and other solutions on the market:

  • Hospital-wide infant security: Exits are monitored against egress in Obstetrics, with the status and location of infants tracked anywhere within the hospital’s Wi-Fi coverage. 
  • Out of Unit alarm: An alert is generated if an infant is detected outside the Obstetrics unit, but there is no record of a staff member performing a Transport.
  • Stand-alone exit protection: Exits remain protected even if communication to the Server is interrupted.
  • Anywhere information: The system can be accessed from in-room PCs or any
  • browser-enabled Windows device, enabling staff to complete procedures more efficiently and with less disruption to patients.
  • Alerts at your fingertips: System activity can be monitored on any Windows device with network access, with alerts pushed to staff via Apple iPhone® or iPod® mobile digital devices, IP phones, Vocera® badges, text message and e-mail.
  • Enterprise solution: The Hugs Wi-Fi solution is part of STANLEY Healthcare’s market-leading AeroScout® platform for real-time visibility on the status and location of patients, staff and equipment.

William Losefsky, CHPA, Chief of Security Services comments, “LRGHealthcare Security is constantly looking to utilize cutting edge technology in its protective services role. The Hugs and Kisses WI-FI project is an excellent example as traditional infant protection systems limit the protection of the baby to within the Family Birthing Center only. This is a multi-layered comprehensive security strategy utilizing best practices and mitigating risks.”

“LRGHealthcare joins a growing group of hospitals of all sizes that have recognized the many additional benefits to patient security and operational efficiency provided by the Hugs Wi-Fi solution,” said Diane Hosson, Senior Director of Security Solutions for STANLEY Healthcare. “The ability to monitor infants in all parts of the hospital and multiple options in support of smoother workflow are important advancements over previous infant protection solutions. We are pleased to be partnering with LRGHealthcare to improve safety for infants throughout Lakes Region General Hospital.” 

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