Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust Deploys STANLEY Healthcare’s Real-Time Visibility Solution across Three Hospital Locations

Advanced Real-Time Location System (RTLS) Solution Helps Redefine Patient Safety and Operational Efficiency

WALTHAM, Mass., 16, April, 2015 — Following a successful proof of concept project, STANLEY Healthcare, a market leading provider of visibility solutions and analytics for the healthcare industry, has deployed its STANLEY Healthcare AeroScout® Real Time Location System (RTLS) platform in the Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust to enable its three hospitals to optimise the use of critical medical equipment and improve the quality of patient care.

After careful consideration, the Mid Yorkshire Trust selected STANLEY Healthcare’s advanced AeroScout Asset Management solution to automate the tracking of more than 2,700 assets that are an integral part of providing high-quality patient care, such as sophisticated medical equipment, beds and hoists. By leveraging real-time data, hospital clinical staff members now have the ability to quickly and easily locate the assets they need, enabling them to spend more quality time with patients. Additionally, the Trust has been able to decrease costs associated with replacing lost medical equipment, as its staff can now utilise convenient, online dashboards to generate real-time inventory updates.

"We chose to work with STANLEY Healthcare because its comprehensive AeroScout RTLS solution helped us realise our vision to manage medical devices in a much more organised manner for compliance purposes within our Trust," said Dr. Alex Zarneh, head of medical physics at Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust. "By utilising such technology, it has enabled us to significantly improve patient experience and staff satisfaction through more effective, real-time engagement. In addition we have made significant resource savings in terms of tracking of medical devices and also increased awareness of when the device leaves the hospital site with patients."

As another facet of this important initiative, the Mid Yorkshire Trust installed STANLEY Healthcare’s Wi-Fi based Environmental Monitoring solution. Temperature tags monitor the ambient temperature of clean utility rooms to ensure medication is kept within the recommended temperature range. This satisfies the Care Quality Commission requirement for drug storage. In addition, the solution provides hospital-wide visibility into the environmental conditions of consulting rooms.

Since the STANLEY Healthcare AeroScout solutions are Wi-Fi based, the Mid Yorkshire Trust has been able to avoid the costs associated with using a proprietary RFID network. Instead, it was able to leverage its standard Cisco Wi-Fi network to support the deployment, significantly lowering the total cost of ownership. Both the Asset Management and Environmental Monitoring applications were deployed by Kcom, a UK-based STANLEY Healthcare channel partner with deep healthcare expertise.

"We’re very pleased that Mid Yorkshire Trust so quickly moved from its successful pilot program to deployment of our Asset Management and Environmental Monitoring solutions across its sites," said Greg Borecki, VP sales, international and strategic alliances, STANLEY Healthcare. "It’s rewarding to help industry leaders discover new ways to overcome the practical, day-to-day challenges of healthcare delivery."

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