Senior Living Industry Being Transformed by New Technologies for Personalized Care and Higher Efficiency

Innovations leveraging IoT technology, artificial intelligence, mobile solutions and analytics will be highlights of STANLEY Healthcare’s presence at the LeadingAge Expo, October 29-November 1

WALTHAM, Mass., October 26, 2017 — STANLEY Healthcare, a market leading provider of life safety and security solutions for the senior living and healthcare industry, today unveiled its program for the LeadingAge Annual Meeting & Expo, October 29-November 1 in New Orleans, LA. The company will be discussing the impact that new technologies and solutions are having on the senior living industry, and how they are transforming established use cases such as wander management, emergency call and fall management.

“The senior living industry is undergoing rapid change, driven by a competitive environment and the high expectations of the boomer generation,” said Greg Borecki, Vice President, Senior Living & Fall Management, STANLEY Healthcare. “Senior living organizations are looking to us for solutions that will make them more efficient while providing excellent person-centered care. The answer is in breakthrough innovations to understand each resident and empower caregivers with information to work better. That’s been our focus throughout 2017, and we’re pleased to be able to discuss the real-world results realized by our customers at LeadingAge 2017.”

STANLEY Healthcare has launched several new or enhanced solutions over the last several months that take advantage of new technologies from the internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), mobile solutions and analytics to redefine essential functionality for resident safety and security:

  • WanderGuard® BLUE wander management solution, built using entirely updated technology – including Bluetooth Low Energy for wireless communication and a mobile application as the main management interface – to meet widely varying needs. As a standalone system, WanderGuard BLUE is easier and cheaper to deploy with a contemporary design feel. But it also offers built-in access control functionality and integration with STANLEY Healthcare’s Arial® Emergency Call solution for consolidated alerting, management and reporting;
  • Foresite Eldercare™ predictive fall safety and health monitoring solution is now a STANLEY Healthcare Portfolio Solution. Combining advanced wireless sensors with AI, machine learning and predictive analytics, Eldercare enables senior living organizations to move from reactive response to falls and other health problems to proactive reduction based on the characteristics of the individual and accumulated data;
  • Arial Mobile Application for the Arial solution is a groundbreaking staff communication tool that enables more effective response to resident calls, and opens up entirely new ways to evaluate performance. The application makes it possible to measure the “encounter time” between a caregiver and resident, by measuring the time from the caregiver resetting the alarm to completing the event in the Arial App, as well as documenting encounter tasks and activities. This is a valuable new metric and data set to understand the resident experience;
  • Arial Management Dashboard, harnessing the power of real-time visual analytics to give executive directors and others a comprehensive overview of how their community is performing against key benchmarks for resident safety and security. The dashboard highlights areas for overall improvement – such as average response times and response times that exceed a certain threshold, alarm types, quantities and distribution – while also enabling a more nuanced understanding of each individual resident through their call history.

At LeadingAge 2017, STANLEY Healthcare is also releasing two major enhancements for the Arial platform:

  • Arial U™ Wireless Nurse Call: This version of the Arial solution is certified to the UL 1069 standard for “Hospital Signaling and Nurse Call Equipment,” the recognized standard for nurse call systems in North America. Skilled nursing and other senior living facilities in states that mandate UL-1069-compliant nurse call systems can now benefit from the cost-effective wireless infrastructure and advanced features of the Arial solution while still meeting regulatory requirements. With Arial U, the Arial platform now supports the widest range of emergency call and nurse call infrastructure, including wireless, UL-1069-compliant, Wi-Fi and hardwired;
  • Arial 10.2 software release: The latest software for the Arial platform introduces greatly improved location accuracy to the room level when a resident calls for help with a portable pendent. This version of Arial also supports a rich wireless integration with WanderGuard BLUE, proving resident ID, alarm and system status information for all wander door controllers and events. In addition, the release supports integration of events from Ascom’s Telligence® Nurse Call system, further improving the Arial solution’s lead as the most comprehensive safety and security platform for senior living.

The LeadingAge Annual Meeting & Expo is the largest annual event in the United States for the not-for-profit aging services fields, attracting over 6,500 attendee annually. Join STANLEY Healthcare at booth 513.

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