STANLEY Healthcare Announces Mobile Application for its Arial Emergency Call Platform

Application has enabled ABHOW Judson Park CCRC to respond more effectively to resident calls and improve care planning

WALTHAM, Mass., April 4, 2017 — STANLEY Healthcare, a market leading provider of visibility solutions and analytics for the healthcare industry, today announced the availability of the Arial Mobile Application for its Arial Emergency Call platform. Designed to operate over the Wi-Fi network, the Arial App gives assisted living and other senior living organizations a cost-effective staff communication tool that takes full advantage of the visual and actionable information provided by the Arial solution.

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The Arial solution enables residents to call for help from portable pendants and wall-mounted call stations, and captures complete information on the event for immediate response and documenting performance. As a native part of the Arial solution, the Arial App offers key advantages over other communication tools:

  • Simple visual controls: Caregivers can see all alerts at a glance, with images to help with identification and color coding to understand status and priority;
  • Smoother workflow: Caregivers can document actions right in the app, selecting from a list or entering custom notes. There is no need to return to a computer or call into a central desk to document response. The app also supports smarter call escalation by automatically routing alerts to available staff;
  • Better care coordination: The app clearly shows when a colleague has accepted an alert so that other staff members can continue with their duties. Should assistance be required, the app supports text communication between staff with a live directory of staff members currently on shift;
  • New insights: The Arial App makes it possible to measure the “encounter time” between a caregiver and resident, by measuring the time from the caregiver resetting the alarm to completing the event in the Arial App. This is a valuable new metric to understand the resident experience and document response in a more nuanced way than simple response time.

The Arial App has been deployed by ABHOW at its Judson Park continuing care retirement community in Des Moines, Washington. The Arial solution is used throughout the Assisted Living and Residential Living areas of the community. “We have found the Arial App to be a big improvement on previous staff notification devices,” says Beckey Hjaltalin, Director of Wellness at Judson Park. “The app makes it easier for the caregiver to effectively respond to resident calls. It allows team members to communicate who will respond; this feature helps us improve individual care planning based on the reasons a resident calls for help. We are able to anticipate and meet resident needs while improving resident safety and satisfaction.” With the successful validation of the Arial App at Judson Park, ABHOW is planning to deploy the app at more of its communities using the Arial solution.

The Arial App is part of the release of the Arial 10 software, and is available for both the Apple iOS and Android mobile operating systems. It continues a string of innovations in the Arial platform that are redefining essential functionality for emergency call, including the Arial Management Dashboard, integration of other life safety systems such as fire panels, and support for new input devices.

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