STANLEY Healthcare Announces Next-Generation WanderGuard Blue Wander Management Solution

  • Bluetooth® Low Energy-based solution offers lower cost and flexible deployment
  • Represents the new generation of pioneering WanderGuard brand, the most widely deployed wander management system
  • Continues groundbreaking innovations in security and safety technology for senior living, which will be on display at the Argentum Senior Living Executive Conference, May 1-3 in Nashville, TN

WALTHAM, Mass., April 25, 2017 — STANLEY Healthcare, a market leading provider of visibility and analytics solutions for the healthcare industry, launched today a completely updated wander management solution for the senior living industry: WanderGuard Blue.* The solution continues the legacy of leadership of the original WanderGuard solution, which pioneered electronic wander management and is the most widely used wander management system.

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The WanderGuard Blue solution is built using entirely updated technology, including Bluetooth Low Energy for wireless communication and a mobile application as the main management interface. It delivers a number of benefits compared to current solutions:

  • Lower total cost of ownership: WanderGuard Blue achieves its advanced functionality with just a few, feature-rich components that can be wirelessly managed. This simplifies both physical installation and programming;
  • Easier management: the WanderGuard Blue Manager Mobile Application allows wireless management of door controllers, and of resident tags in conjunction with the handheld Tag Detector;
  • Contemporary design: components are sleek and unobtrusive to blend into the décor, while the resident tag is one of the smallest on the market today to help preserve resident dignity;
  • Scalable and future-ready: while designed for stand-alone exit protection, WanderGuard Blue supports extended functionality and integrations, including UL294-compliant access control and integration with the Arial® Emergency Call solution for alarm annunciation, advanced reporting, and notifications, including use of the new Arial mobile application.

“The WanderGuard brand built its reputation by providing senior living communities with an affordable and effective solution to protect residents at risk of wandering,” said Mike Webster, Senior Solutions Manager for Senior Living and Security, STANLEY Healthcare. “With WanderGuard Blue, we’ve taken the best of that concept – easy to use, low maintenance, self-contained – and updated it using the wireless and mobile technologies that are fueling the Internet of Things revolution. The result is not only a solution that is more attractive, easier to use, does more and costs less, but also one that creates a pathway to more advanced functionality in the future. It is part of our By Your Side™ Lifetime Customer Care philosophy. We are committed to creating solutions and services that deliver long term value for our customers.”

Leadership Position on View at Argentum 2017
WanderGuard Blue is part of a broad initiative by STANLEY Healthcare to leverage recent technologies to bring groundbreaking new solutions to the senior living industry, and will be among the innovations on display at booth 1527 at the Argentum Senior Living Executive Conference, May 1-3 in Nashville, TN.

STANLEY Healthcare also will be showcasing a number of new features of the Arial emergency call solution, a comprehensive platform for resident safety and security:

  • Wi-Fi based pendant and wireless call station: the Arial platform now supports infrastructure running over Wi-Fi, enabling facilities to leverage their existing Wi-Fi network to provide facility-wide resident emergency call;
  • Arial Management Dashboard: the dashboard harnesses the power of real-time visual analytics to give executive directors and others a comprehensive overview of how their community or network is performing against key benchmarks for resident safety and security;
  • Arial Mobile Application: the Arial App gives assisted living and other senior living organizations a cost-effective staff communication tool to see and respond to resident calls.

Key Components of WanderGuard Blue
The solution consists of a few central components that provide wide latitude to adapt to the specific needs of each community:

  • EX5700 Door Controller: this all-in-one device is installed at each exit requiring protection, and houses an exciter that defines the protected area, a receiver for tag transmissions, and programmable outputs to control a magnetic door lock and send alerts to other devices or systems, including the Arial solution. The EX5700 also supports time-of-day settings for both wander alerts and access control and stores unique user passcodes;
  • LED Keypad: placed near the exit and connected to the EX5700 Door Controller, the keypad includes a large LED that displays alarm information. Staff members use the keypad to clear an alarm and bypass the door using their unique passcode;
  • Outdoor Keypad: designed for outdoor use for access control purposes, this keypad enables staff members to gain access using their unique passcode;
  • Resident Tag: this small tag is attached to the wrist or ankle, and is available in both a 90-day and 3-year variant to accommodate a range of senior living community types. The tag can be attached using a variety of bands, including the removal-resistant Securaband™ strap.
  • WanderGuard Blue Manager Application: this mobile app enables management of every aspect of the solution, including Door Controllers, user passcodes, and resident tags. Settings can be easily copied from one Door Controller to another to greatly simplify setup and ongoing management.
  • Tag Detector: a hand-held device to quickly activate tags and wirelessly test their battery status.

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