STANLEY Healthcare Celebrates 30 Years of Leadership in Electronic Wander Management

  • WanderGuard® solution launched in 1987, pioneering electronic wander management; most widely deployed wander management system, in use at over 6500 senior living communities
  • Next-generation WanderGuard BLUE solution carries the legacy forward, leveraging Bluetooth® Low Energy to lower cost and simplify deployment
  • As part of its community involvement in memory care, STANLEY Healthcare has become a proud supporter of the Alzheimer’s Association®, making a donation annually and for every unit sold of WanderGuard BLUE

WALTHAM, Mass., December 7, 2017 — STANLEY Healthcare, a market leading provider of life safety and security solutions for the senior living and healthcare industry, celebrated this week the 30th anniversary of its WanderGuard wander management solution, capping a year of milestones in its involvement with the senior living industry. The highlight was the presentation of a check for $40,000 to the Alzheimer’s Association®, representing the contribution of STANLEY Healthcare and its employees. 

The WanderGuard name is synonymous with electronic wander management. Since the original solution was launched in 1987, over 6500 senior living communities have selected WanderGuard to help protect residents who may be at risk of wandering due to Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia. The WanderGuard BLUE Wander Management solution launched in 2017 continues the WanderGuard legacy with entirely updated technology capable of addressing the wander management needs of senior living communities of all kinds.

“We are honored that so many senior living communities have made WanderGuard part of their memory care services,” said Marty Guay, President of STANLEY Healthcare. “With the launch of WanderGuard BLUE in this 30th anniversary year, we’re renewing our commitment to providing communities with wander management solutions that are affordable, effective and supportive of resident care. We look forward to extending the WanderGuard story for years to come, and helping many more communities improve quality of life for residents living with dementia.”

STANLEY Healthcare became a proud supporter of the Alzheimer’s Association in July 2017 with the launch of WanderGuard BLUE. The company makes a financial donation to the Association on an annual basis, and for every unit sold of WanderGuard BLUE. In addition, STANLEY Healthcare and its employees takes an active role in raising awareness of Alzheimer’s disease through participation in events at its principal U.S. operations in Waltham, Massachusetts, and Lincoln, Nebraska.

The WanderGuard BLUE solution leverages a range of recent technologies, including Bluetooth Low Energy for wireless communication and a mobile application as the main management interface, to lower cost, simplify installation and management, and extend functionality. It gives senior living organizations an affordable and effective solution to protect residents at risk of wandering. It delivers a number of benefits compared to current solutions:

  • Lower total cost of ownership: WanderGuard Blue achieves its advanced functionality with just a few, feature-rich components that can be wirelessly managed. This simplifies both physical installation and programming;
  • Easier management: the WanderGuard Blue Manager Mobile Application allows wireless management of door controllers, and of resident tags in conjunction with the handheld Tag Detector;
  • Contemporary design: components are sleek and unobtrusive to blend into the décor, while the resident tag is one of the smallest on the market today to help preserve resident dignity;
  • Scalable and future-ready: while designed for stand-alone exit protection, WanderGuard Blue supports extended functionality and integrations, including UL294-compliant access control and integration with the Arial® Emergency Call solution for alarm annunciation, advanced reporting, and notifications, including use of the new Arial mobile application.

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