STANLEY Healthcare Enhances MobileView Analytics Business Intelligence Platform with New Dashboards and Supported Solutions

Visual dashboards deliver real-time and historical operational intelligence to improve decision making and drive lower costs, higher patient satisfaction

WALTHAM, Mass., October 8, 2015 —STANLEY Healthcare, a market leading provider of visibility solutions and analytics for the healthcare industry, today announced new dashboards and additional supported solutions for MobileView Analytics—the visual business intelligence platform for its AeroScout Real-Time Location System (RTLS) solutions.

RTLS is one of the foundational technologies of the Internet of Things (IoT) in healthcare, providing a unique data set on the current and historical location and status of patients, staff and assets. MobileView Analytics transforms this data into operational intelligence to make hospitals smarter through better on-the-spot decision making, visibility to performance against key benchmarks, and improvement of processes to eliminate waste and enhance the patient experience.

“Hospitals and other healthcare organizations recognize the great impact that can be achieved by delivering the right information to the right people at the right time,” said Gabi Daniely, Vice President of Solutions, Products and Marketing for STANLEY Healthcare. “MobileView Analytics democratizes access to data, giving staff at all levels of the organization specific, actionable and visual intelligence that helps them take the right decision, make the right changes and build a culture of continuous improvement.”

MobileView Analytics is in use at innovative hospitals across the United States and is supporting measurable improvements in key areas that include HCAHPS scores, room utilization, asset management, staff efficiency and regulatory compliance. With today’s announcement, hospitals have access to out-of-the-box dashboards for MobileView Analytics in these packages:

  • Clinic Patient Experience & Room Utilization Analytics for identifying tangible opportunities to improve patient satisfaction and room utilization through visibility into real-time and historical patient experience metrics, such as wait time and patient-provider contact time.
  • Asset Management Visibility Center for improving service and reducing costs with real-time and historical insight about par levels, asset utilization, preventive maintenance, recall management and inventory status.
  • Asset Management Workflow Optimization for finding and fixing broken processes with real-time analytics covering every step of the equipment process.
  • Environmental Monitoring Visibility Center for preserving quality and avoiding waste by understanding current temperature and humidity conditions of enterprise-wide assets and analyzing historical performance and event data.
  • Hand Hygiene Compliance Monitoring Analytics for pinpointing opportunities to enhance hand hygiene compliance rates using detailed real-time and historical data about multiple units, staff roles and individual staff members.

MobileView Analytics is powered by Tableau, a “Leader” in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms.  “RTLS-based solutions have proven strategically valuable in advancing key healthcare goals around capital expenditure control, operational efficiency and quality of care,” said Lauran Hazan, Director of Healthcare Analytics for STANLEY Healthcare. “By partnering with Tableau for visual analytics, we have further extended the impact of this unique data set of real-time information. MobileView Analytics delivers actionable business intelligence for healthcare organizations to transform operations—both in the here-and-now, and in the long term.”

“Tableau is all about making data accessible to anyone who needs it, in a form that is intuitive and encourages exploration to uncover new insights,” said Francois Ajenstat, Vice President of Product Management at Tableau. “We are very glad to be working with a partner like STANLEY Healthcare that is pushing the envelope on real-time data visualization in healthcare. We’re very excited about the great potential for visual analytics to improve hospitals’ operations and ultimately the quality of the care they deliver.”

MobileView Analytics was recently featured in a video on emerging Internet of Things technologies in healthcarefrom SearchHealthIT, and further details are available on the STANLEY Healthcare website.

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