Stanley Healthcare to feature Patient Security and Resident Safety Solutions at the American Society for Health Risk Management Conference

FRAMINGHAM, Mass., October 17, 2011 – Stanley Healthcare (SHS), a business division of Stanley Black & Decker, will be featuring its signature suite of patient security and resident safety solutions at this year’s American Society for Health Risk Management Conference (ASHRM) October 16-19 in Phoenix, AZ. Featured products include: Hugs® and Kisses® , Pedz™, Passport™ RoamAlert® and Bed-Check® systems. Hugs® & Kisses® Hugs® is an infant protection system designed to prevent infants from being removed from a medical facility without authorization. The Hugs® system is a one of the most trusted solutions for infant protection, used at over 1100 hospitals worldwide. Every infant is equipped with a Hugs® tag on his or her ankle when in the obstetrics unit, and every exit point in the unit is electronically monitored to detect these tags. This allows for infants to be transported freely in the secured areas, however, should the baby be removed by an unauthorized individual, away from the area, staff and hospital personnel will be notified immediately. Simple password procedures are in place to sign tags out of the system, so that infants can be moved from the obstetrics unit to other departments for testing and other medical procedures. In addition to the extensive features of the Hugs® system, SHS also offers the optional Kisses® mother/infant matching component. The Kisses® addition to the Hugs® system provides automatic and audible matching of infants with their mothers throughout their stay at the hospital. Each mother wears a Kisses® tag, which is bonded to her infant’s Hugs® tag at birth. If a mismatch occurs, hospital staff members are immediately alerted through an audible indicator on the Hugs® tag. Pedz™ The Pedz™ system is the only product specifically designed to protect pediatric patients from abduction and flight risk. Key features include a tamper-resistant tag with a cut-resistant band that resists unauthorized removal. Patients can also personalize their tags with a “skin” that resembles a cover on a phone or game console, which helps to increase patient acceptance of the tag and the system. To help with clinical workflow, Pedz™ offers a re-attachable band that can be quickly removed when a patient needs to leave the department for medical procedures and then re-attached using the same band. Pedz™ also acknowledges that different patients have different requirements. Depending on the age and the risk profile of the patient, the hospital can choose to let the patient roam throughout the facility without supervision. Passport™ The Passport™ system helps protect patients against patient flight or wandering in a variety of departments including emergency, trauma, mental health and geriatric care. The Passport™ system was built on the proven technology of Stanley Healthcare’ Hugs® infant protection system, and forms part of a platform with the Hugs system and Pedz system for protecting patients in all parts of the hospital. Key features include a tamper-resistant tag with a cut-resistant band that resists unauthorized removal. The system also offers an re-enroll feature to accommodate a patient returning from a medical procedure. When the tag is re-attached, it automatically resumes monitoring the patient. RoamAlert® The RoamAlert® system is an advanced radio frequency system for individual safety, helping healthcare facilities protect against patient wandering and staff duress. The modular nature of the RoamAlert® system enables facilities to design a solution based on their specific needs. It can cover a single door, or an entire department. It can continually supervise each patient tag with real time locating capabilities, or guard perimeter exits only. In addition, the RoamAlert® system offers a range of tag options. The unique Securaband™ tag provides a tough physical barrier to unauthorized removal, while the pendant tag enables hospital staff to call for help from anywhere in the covered area. Bed-Check® For over 30 years, healthcare facilities of all kinds have relied on Bed-Check® as a central part of their fall reduction program. Bed-Check® monitors provide highly reliable notification of patient movement that might lead to a fall. Built for reliability and longevity, Bed-Check® monitors offer multiple features for successful clinical implementation, from heat-sealed Sensormats® that wipe clean to a record of all events with the Vr model. For more information on the Hugs® and Kisses®, Pedz™, Passport™, RoamAlert® and Bed-Check® systems, or other Stanley Healthcare’ products, please visit

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