Stanley Healthcare Introduces RoamAlert® 1.5

Upgraded Resident Safety System Protects Residents in Long-Term Care Facilities

FRAMINGHAM, Mass., November 30, 2009Stanley Healthcare, a division of The Stanley Works platform, announces the launch of RoamAlert 1.5, which demonstrates a significant update to its RoamAlert resident safety system, first launched in 1984. RoamAlert 1.5 greatly expands the range of applications for real-time protection of residents in long-term care facilities. In addition to wander prevention, the RoamAlert system now offers resident locating, emergency call and monitoring of mobile equipment.

This new functionality is enabled by a combination of the RoamAlert 1.5 software and new hardware components for the system. Existing RoamAlert installations can also be upgraded to receive these new features.

The primary attribute of the new RoamAlert is the ability to locate healthcare facility residents with meaningful options that satisfy and work within a facility’s specific needs and budget. Resident locating is a vital tool to track all residents in an emergency, and to keep a protective eye on wander-prone residents.

"RoamAlert 1.5 enables the facility to locate a resident in real-time to a specific room, and, more directly, know when they have passed by a specific area within the facility,” explains Teresa May, President of Stanley Healthcare. “The modular nature of the system means that these different solutions can be integrated depending on the need within each part of the facility.”

Pendant Tag: Enabling Residents to Signal for Assistance

The RoamAlert system also helps counter the many general risks facing residents from falls to a medical emergency and violence.

A small wireless pendant tag enables a resident to call for help from anywhere in the facility. The RoamAlert system will immediately generate an alarm in the RoamAlert software identifying the resident, the time and the exact location.

RoamAlert 1.5 also introduces the new InterTag, which allows facilities to monitor mobile equipment that cannot be hardwired, such as incontinence sensors, ventilators and fall monitors. The InterTag sends a signal to the RoamAlert system whenever the device goes into alarm. Information is displayed in the RoamAlert software, including the device and location, so that staff can respond quickly and with complete knowledge of the situation.

The RoamAlert system is among the many Stanley Healthcare products for protecting residents in skilled nursing, continuing care and assisted living environments. Stanley Healthcare suite of wander management tools, fall monitors and emergency call systems provides solutions for any senior care protection needs.

For more information on the RoamAlert system or other Stanley Healthcare’ products, please visit RoamAlert Resident Safety.

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