STANLEY Healthcare Launches Advanced Visibility and Analytics Capabilities of its SpaceTRAX Inventory Management Solution at AHRMM 2014

Enhanced Inventory Management, Secured Storage and Business Analytics Tools Help Hospitals Reduce Cost, Optimize Inventory and Improve Patient Care

WALTHAM, Mass., July 21, 2014STANLEY Healthcare, a leading provider of visibility solutions and analytics to advance the quality of care for the healthcare industry, today announced that it will be demonstrating the latest release of its SpaceTRAX® inventory management solution at this year's Association for Healthcare Resource and Materials Management (AHRMM) conference in Orlando, Fla., August 4 to 6, 2014. 

SpaceTRAX is an advanced, web-based inventory management system, used by hundreds of hospitals worldwide to increase charge capture, reduce excess inventory and identify usage trends. Release 2.4.7 of the SpaceTRAX inventory management solution features improved expiration management and reporting capabilities, enhanced case management and advanced security features. 

The enhanced functionality extends the capabilities of SpaceTRAX, enabling hospitals to reduce cost, optimize inventory and improve patient care with features including:

  • Analytics Tools – a new report customization service securely and seamlessly integrates with the revised user interface, enabling access and management of customized reports. The new reporting capability augments the existing dashboards and standard reports, enhancing user ability to gain insights into supply chain and procedure inventory management.
  • Improved Expiration Management – expanded expiration management support with full expiration dates as mandated by the unique device identification (UDI) rule, as well as a firm alerting mechanism to promote patient safety.
  • Advanced Security – new permission management settings allow user-specific access control over confidential electronic protected health information (ePHI) and pricing data, with sensitive data masked on all system pages. 
  • Enhanced Case Management – new "Borrowed" trait and "Date & Time" custom attributes are being introduced. Together, these features will greatly improve user ability to capture clinical and procedure information—such as case finish, room vacancy time and implant time—on top of inventory data to be harnessed for analytical and regulatory needs.

"With the visibility and analytics that SpaceTRAX provides, we've seen hospitals significantly reduce on-hand inventory, reduce labor costs for tracking inventory, minimize expired items and reduce loss charges. For example, in one case study we had a customer with direct cost savings of $150,000 within just the first 90 days," said Nadav Barkaee, Product Manager Supply Chain Applications, at STANLEY Healthcare. "Now, in addition to cost savings due to efficiencies, we are pleased to offer functionality and enhanced reporting tools focused on patient safety and compliance."

Visitors to STANLEY Healthcare's exhibit booth #1115 at AHRMM will also see a number of other solutions that operate on its core MobileView software platform. MobileView gives hospitals real-time visibility into the status of patients, equipment and staff, as well as insight into complex processes to drive improvement. Demonstrations at the conference will include:

  • MobileView Analytics—STANLEY Healthcare will feature its business intelligence dashboards that include intuitive views of key performance indicators, and the ability to drill down to specific data points.  The analytics tools allow healthcare organizations to better understand trends in asset utilization, temperature and humidity conditions and the flow of patients and staff.
  • Asset Management—As the KLAS Category Leader for Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) for the third consecutive year, STANLEY Healthcare will demonstrate software integration to infusion pumps and other medical devices for real-time monitoring of location and status, as well as advanced analytics to improve equipment distribution, utilization and allocation, maintenance completion and recalls.
  • Environmental Monitoring—The company will showcase solutions for continual monitoring of temperature, humidity and voltage conditions for critical applications, such as storage of pharmaceuticals and blood products, as well as conditions in the OR.

In addition, STANLEY Healthcare will preview its Harmony 7000 cart with an Intelligent Locking System (ILS), part of its leading Supply Chain Storage Solutions. The ILS offering is a keyless entry solution that uses proximity card access supported with software through a Wi-Fi connection. ILS offers hospitals an easy, time-saving way to manage a large fleet of storage carts, providing remote credential and setting management, audit reports and battery status—all from a single administrator computer.

Finally, the STANLEY Healthcare exhibit will be featuring its "A Day in a Medical Center" video demonstration of 30 visibility applications spanning the full range of STANLEY Healthcare solutions—including Supply Chain and Storage Management, Asset Management, Environmental Monitoring, Hand Hygiene Compliance Monitoring, Patient Flow, Patient Safety Monitoring, Staff Assist, Infant Protection and Patient Security.  The "Day in a Medical Center" video can be previewed on the STANLEY Healthcare YouTube channel.

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