STANLEY Healthcare Launches MyCall Staff Protection Solution

Solution leverages the AeroScout Real-Time Location System (RTLS) platform to protect healthcare workers hospital-wide

WALTHAM, Mass., May 25, 2017 — STANLEY Healthcare, a market leading provider of visibility and analytics solutions for the healthcare industry, today announced the release of the MyCall Staff Protection solution, an application of its AeroScout RTLS platform. The MyCall solution builds on the proven performance of STANLEY Healthcare’s current AeroScout offering to respond to the growing need to ensure the safety of healthcare workers.

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Violence in the healthcare workplace is pervasive, and has been thoroughly documented. To cite just three statistics on the impact to healthcare workers:

  • 76% of all nurses report experiencing verbal and/or physical violence in the previous year (source: Journal of Emergency Nursing);
  • 12.1% of ED nurses report physical violence and 42.5% report verbal abuse within the previous week (source, Emergency Nurses Association);
  • 40% of psychiatrists report having experienced physical assault (source: New England Journal of Medicine);

The MyCall solution enables hospitals to proactively address this major safety and security issue, with features specifically designed for personal security:

  • Hospital-wide coverage over Wi-Fi to protect at-risk staff members in all departments and as they move about the hospital;
  • Personal and portable protection for each staff member, to enable them to call for help for themselves or others at any time and from any location;
  • Accurate location with real-time updates to mobile devices for responders to keep track of an event while it is unfolding;
  • Designed as a life safety system with a number of features to increase reliability, including a test station to confirm staff badge operation before going on shift, audio-visual indications and a designated staff list giving managers a complete view of current status.

The MyCall solution has been deployed by Peninsula Regional Medical Center (PRMC) in Salisbury, Maryland, in the Emergency Department and Women’s and Children’s Services. PRMC uses STANLEY Healthcare’s AeroScout RTLS platform for multiple applications, including Asset Management, Environmental Monitoring and Hugs Wi-Fi Infant Protection. “Maintaining a safe environment for patients and staff is a top priority for PRMC,” said Mark Cornelius, Director of Clinical Engineering for PRMC. “The Hugs solution is key to our infant protection and now MyCall helps us prevent violence against staff. The ability to leverage our Wi-Fi network means that we can effectively protect staff members in different parts of the hospital.”

STANLEY Healthcare’s market-leading AeroScout RTLS platform is one of the foundational technologies of the internet of things (IoT). By giving hospitals visibility to the status and location of patients, staff and equipment, the AeroScout platform enables step-change improvements in core processes that depend on real-time information:

  • Managing and optimizing asset utilization;
  • Monitoring storage of pharmaceuticals, vaccines and blood products;
  • Optimizing patient flows and staff workflows;
  • Protection infants, patients and staff;
  • Monitoring hand hygiene compliance.

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