STANLEY Healthcare Launches Passport™ Patient Protection System

FRAMINGHAM, Mass., September 20, 2009STANLEY Healthcare, a business of The Stanley Works, announces the launch of the Passport™ patient protection system. The Passport™ system guards hospitals against patient flight or wandering in a variety of situations including emergency, trauma, mental health and geriatric care.

The Passport™ system was built on the proven technology of STANLEY Healthcare’ Hugs® infant protection system. Passport provides security for patients and peace of mind for staff. Key features include a tamper-resistant tag with a cut-resistant band that resists unauthorized removal. Removal will immediately alarm in the event an attempt is successful. Passport™ offers a re-attachable band that can be quickly removed when a patient needs to leave the department for medical procedures and then re-attached using the same band, saving time and money. The product will also feature re-enroll for when a patient returns from a medical procedure and the tag is re-attached--automatically re-enrolling them in the system and re-associating them with the right patient data.

“Passport™ offers personalized security,” explains Teresa May, President of STANLEY Healthcare. “Patients can be allowed to pass through some exits without causing an alarm and access can be tailored to each patient based on their risk factors, as well as restricted based on the time of day.”

Passport™ shares a platform with the Hugs® infant protection system and Pedz™ pediatric protection system. The Passport™ system is the latest in STANLEY Healthcare’ suite of products to provide individual protection to patients in a variety of hospital departments. The Hugs® system is trusted by thousands of hospitals nationwide to protect newborn infants from the threat of abduction or mother/infant mismatching.

STANLEY Healthcare’ Pedz™ system is also the only product specifically designed to protect pediatric patients from abduction or patient flight. All of STANLEY Healthcare’ patient security systems are backed by the By Your Side™ customer support program, providing a wide array of clinical education services and products to ensure each hospital’s success with the system.

“Hospitals have been asking for a reliable means to protect their adult patients, whether in the ED or mental health or other departments, so that they get the medical care they need,” continues May.

“We worked closely with our customers and clinical experts to make sure that we developed a solution with the Passport™ system that was right for the clinical environment, using technology that has been shown to be effective with our Hugs® and Pedz™ products. Hospitals take very seriously the duty of care for patients, especially when mental and/or physical conditions restricts decision making. We’re very pleased to be able to offer them a product that will help them do that efficiently and effectively.”

For more information on the Passport™ system or other Stanley Healthcare’ products, please visit Passport Patient Protection.

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