STANLEY Healthcare Partners with Foresite Healthcare to offer Next-Generation Predictive Fall Safety and Health Monitoring Solutions

Predictive analytics enable hospitals and senior living facilities to reduce falls and proactively address changes in patient or resident wellbeing

WALTHAM, Mass., October 24, 2017 — STANLEY Healthcare, a market leading provider of life safety and security solutions for the senior living and healthcare industry, today announced that the Foresite Patientcare™ and Foresite Eldercare™ predictive fall safety and health monitoring solutions have become STANLEY Healthcare portfolio solutions. The company will sell the solutions as a complement to its existing Fall Management solutions.

“Falls have a huge impact on individuals, families and healthcare organizations, and preventing falls continues to be a top priority for providers across the continuum of care,” said Ryan Fogarty, Director of Sales for Fall Management at STANLEY Healthcare. “We are very pleased to be partnering with Foresite to offer providers in both acute care and senior living these highly innovative solutions. The Foresite solutions give care teams the information they need to make better care decisions for individuals and ultimately build better fall reduction programs.”

Leveraging its decades of experience in helping providers embed technology into their fall reduction programs, STANLEY Healthcare will provide end-to-end support for the Foresite solutions, including solution design, implementation, clinical education and ongoing support.

The groundbreaking Foresite solutions offer hospitals and senior living organizations a data-driven method to manage and reduce falls and monitor health status. Combining advanced wireless sensors with artifi¬cial intelligence, machine learning and predictive analytics, Eldercare and Patientcare enable healthcare providers to move from reactive response to events to proactive reduction based on the characteristics of the individual and accumulated data.

Both Patientcare and Eldercare have been proven through real world use. Patientcare was an integral part of a study conducted at Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri, which established that data from the solution aided in analyzing the nature of patient falls and reducing them by more than 50% over time. Eldercare is in use at Tiger Place retirement community in Columbia, Missouri to monitor residents in skilled nursing. “Eldercare has become the corner stone of our fall reduction efforts,” said Kari Lane, RN, assistant professor in the University of Missouri Sinclair School of Nursing and administrator of Tiger Place. “It has helped us proactively address changes in resident wellbeing before they turn into health problems, as well as prevent falls by giving earlier notice of unsafe resident movement.

Speaking for Foresite Healthcare, Dr. George Chronis, Chief Executive Officer, commented, “We chose to partner with STANLEY Healthcare because of its leadership position in fall management in both acute care and senior care. It has the expertise and resources to ensure customer success with Patientcare and Eldercare. This partnership will make the proven technology developed by Foresite available to many more providers across the nation through one of the most respected names in the industry.”

Patientcare and Eldercare Feature Overview 

The Foresite solutions use a variety of inputs including depth-sensor technology, under mattress pads and motion detectors to continually capture a range of information, such as respiratory rate, bed restlessness, gait, motion and activity. Video technology is not used, and facial or body features are not captured. This maintains privacy and helps providers adhere to HIPAA requirements. The data are continually analyzed to provide caregivers with a range of information appropriate to the care setting.



Automated fall risk assessment: By observing each walk, the solution analyzes gait, speed and stride length among other parameters and estimates the Timed Up and Go (TUG) score for the individual. Foresite combines the estimated TUG score with automatic detection of bed occupancy, bed exits, use of assistive devices and other bioindicators to provide a real-time assessment of fall risk.

Fall Alert: Immediate notification of a fall to caregivers via a variety of devices.

Event Review: The solution captures fall imaging to provide an understanding of the individual’s immediate medical needs and what happened in the moments before the fall. This information can be used for process improvement and updating interventions to prevent future falls.

Bed Exit Alert: Early notification of behavior indicating an attempt to leave the bed for high-fall-risk individuals, giving nurses valuable extra time to respond before the patient has actually exited the bed.

Illness Detection: By continually monitoring the resident, the solution can identify changes in activity and bio-indicators that may signal deteriorating health and illness before overt symptoms appear. Early health alerts are issued to enable proactive intervention by health professionals.

Pressure Ulcer Alert: Foresite monitors movement or lack of movement which could result in a pressure injury.

Vital Sign Trend Analysis: Monitoring of heart and respiratory rates with alerting to changes in vital signs

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