Stanley Healthcare Redesigns Kisses® Infant/Mother Matching Component for Hugs® System with New, Compact Tag

FRAMINGHAM, Mass., June 23, 2011 – Stanley Healthcare (SHS), a business division of Stanley Black & Decker, announced today at the Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN) Convention in Denver that it has improved upon Kisses®, the mother/infant matching component for its Hugs® infant protection system – the only proven electronic support for matching ID bands. The Kisses infant/mother tags– have been completely redesigned to be smaller, more affordable and with reduced environmental impact. The new, compact Kisses® tag features a number of enhancements over the previous tag:

  • Smaller, lighter and more comfortable – 35% smaller and 45% lighter
  • 90-day active life, with long shelf-life before activation: this reduces wastage since tags are only activated when needed
  • Lower cost – annual tag cost reduced by 10%
  • Optional Kisses band – hospitals may also use their own band
  • Subscription option for all components of Kisses over a fixed contract period, including tags, bands and education from the SHS Clinical Education team
  • Reduced environmental impact – low-energy manufacturing, and designed for recycling

The new Kisses compact tag maintains all the functionality and features included in the original Kisses infant/mother matching component. The Kisses addition to the Hugs system provides automatic and audible matching of infants with their mothers throughout their stay at the hospital. Each mother wears a Kisses tag, which is bonded to her infant’s Hugs tag at birth. If a mismatch occurs, hospital staff members are immediately alerted through an audible indicator on the Hugs tag, and a match can be confirmed if mother and infant have been away from each other for a few minutes. For more information on Stanley Healthcare, the new Kisses® tags or the other products offered in the Patient Security suite.

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