Stanley Healthcare Releases Latest Software for it's Patient Security Platform

FRAMINGHAM, Mass., September 27, 2010Stanley Healthcare, a business of Stanley Black & Decker, Inc., announces that it has released the latest software for its Patient Security suite of products: the Hugs® infant protection system, Pedz™ pediatric protection system, and Passport™ patient protection system. This release consists of the Patient Security Server 6, and related application software: Hugs 6.2, Pedz 1.6 and Passport 1.1. The new software offers several new features for ease of use and implementation:

  • Print census function: Users can quickly print out a list of all patients in the system.
  • Alarm quick view: A list of the last 10 alarms and events in the system can be viewed from the Alarm-Events window without having to run a report.
  • Admit a patient without a tag: This popular feature from the Pedz system has been added to Passport. Emergency departments or other users of Passport can track all their patients in the system, regardless of whether they are protected with a Passport tag.
  • Windows 7 support: All software for the Patient Security platform is compatible with the Windows® 7 operating system.

In addition to offering these new features, Patient Security Server 6 will be the platform for all new product innovations for the Patient Security product line. The client-server structure provides healthcare facilities with great flexibility in deployment, while giving each department a dedicated user interface with features designed for its unique needs.

“This new release of software builds on the clinically focused features of the Patient Security software,” states Kevin Smith, Patient Security Product Manager for Stanley Healthcare. “Hospitals are looking for systems and technology that increase efficiency and fit with clinical work-flow. Being able to manage all patients from a single patient census, for example, makes it easier for nurses and others to do their jobs. We plan to launch a range of new features in the near future that will further improve efficiency and patient care.”

The Hugs system is trusted by thousands of hospitals nationwide to protect newborn infants from the threat of abduction or mother/infant mismatching. The Pedz system is the only product specifically designed to protect pediatric patients from abduction or patient flight, while the Passport system provides individual protection to patients in a variety of hospital departments. All three products share a common platform, enabling hospitals to protect their entire patient population. For more information on the Patient Security suite of products and Stanley Healthcare please visit: Patient Security.

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