STANLEY Healthcare to Showcase MobileView® Analytics* Visual Business Intelligence Platform at HIMSS 2015

Dynamic visual dashboards available for STANLEY Healthcare’s AeroScout® Patient Flow, Asset Management, Environmental Monitoring and Hand Hygiene Compliance Monitoring solutions

WALTHAM, Mass., March 24, 2015 — STANLEY Healthcare, the KLAS Category Leader for Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS), will showcase MobileView Analytics, the visual business intelligence platform for its AeroScout Real-Time Location System (RTLS) solutions at HIMSS 2015.

MobileView Analytics transforms patient, staff and asset location and status data generated by STANLEY Healthcare’s RTLS solutions into powerful visual information. By enabling dynamic data visualization and exploration through intuitive and interactive dashboards, MobileView Analytics opens the door to new levels of operational insight to make better decisions, identify process improvement opportunities, and apply predictive analytics to optimize performance.

Powered by the best-of-breed data visualization platform from Tableau Software, MobileView Analytics offers a suite of standard dashboards for STANLEY Healthcare’s AeroScout Patient Flow, Asset Management, Environmental Monitoring and Hand Hygiene Compliance Monitoring solutions. These real-time status and retrospective analysis dashboards were developed in close cooperation with a number of STANLEY Healthcare’s customers.

MobileView Analytics extends the benefits of STANLEY Healthcare’s RTLS solutions in a number of ways:

  • Transform data into knowledge: Easy-to-understand visual dashboards and charts support effective on-the-spot decision making, analysis of underlying trends and ultimately predictive analytics to optimize performance;
  • Empower staff to make better decisions: Intuitive design and anytime, anywhere access democratize analytics, enabling individuals and teams across the organization to see and then improve performance;
  • Uncover hidden insights: The interactive user interface encourages dynamic data exploration to reveal aspects of hospital operation or patient experience that were previously difficult or impossible to analyze;
  • Realize true, measured operational improvement: Data-based insights drive process improvement and enable hospitals to address problems before they impact performance;
  • Reduce costs associated with data management and eliminate cumbersome, traditional reporting.

“MobileView Analytics takes our solutions to the next level by turning RTLS data into actionable business intelligence, offering unique insights into patient experience, patient flow, staff workflow and operational efficiency,” says Gabi Daniely, Vice President of Solutions, Products and Marketing for STANLEY Healthcare. “As reimbursement models shift, hospitals are required to improve their current processes to deliver a great patient experience while also demonstrating value. MobileView Analytics is a key tool for clinicians, managers and executives to generate the business intelligence needed to drive transformation in this era of accountable care.”

MobileView Analytics is a component of the MobileView software platform for STANLEY Healthcare’s RTLS solutions, and is supported by a range of implementation and customization services available to adapt dashboards to specific use cases and workflows. Out of the box dashboards for MobileView Analytics include:

Patient Flow

  • Real-Time Patient Flow Visibility: View current status of patients and rooms to identify potential delays and maximize patient throughout
  • Patient Experience: Visualize the patient experience to uncover ways to positively impact patient satisfaction during each stage of care
  • Cycle of Care: Analyze patient milestones to identify where delays occur
  • Room Utilization: Examine room utilization trends to pinpoint impacts on room turnaround rates
  • Staff Rounding and Contact Time: See when and for how long staff members are engaged with patients

Environmental Monitoring

  • Real-time Status: View environmental conditions of all monitored devices and rooms, with problematic areas prioritized
  • Asset History: Review the history of specific devices for compliance reporting and trending

Asset Management

  • Real-time Visual Par Levels: At-a-glance overview of par level status to understand how current par levels are performing and proactively replenish or pick up equipment
  • Real-time Inventory Status: Monitor asset allocation, distribution and utilization enterprise-wide
  • Asset Utilization Rates: Show enterprise-wide utilization rates to understand the effectiveness of current asset utilization, proactively address potential equipment shortages and minimize rental costs
  • Real-time Workflow for Clinical Engineering: See lifecycle stage and quantity of medical equipment—in use, clean, soiled, needs maintenance or part of a recall—to identify, diagnose and address process delays and improve safety

Hand Hygiene Compliance Monitoring

  • Site Level, Unit Level and Staff Level: View and analyze hand hygiene compliance rates for the entire facility, specific units and individual staff by role

MobileView Analytics and STANLEY Healthcare’s other visibility and analytics solutions will be on display at the HIMSS 2015 Conference, April 13 – 15, 2015, in Chicago, Illinois. Visit STANLEY Healthcare at booth 2844 and at the Intelligent Health™ Pavilion (kiosk 19, booth 6656).

* MobileView Analytics is a limited-release version. The final, commercial version may differ from the description here.

MobileView and AeroScout are registered trademarks of Stanley Black & Decker or its affiliates.

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