STANLEY Healthcare Showcases Next-Generation Innovations in Asset Management and Environmental Monitoring at AAMI Annual Conference & Expo

Visual analytics enable “Smart Hospital” use cases for Par Level Management, Real-time Inventory Status, Equipment Workflow Cycle and Environmental Monitoring 

WALTHAM, Mass., May 26, 2016— STANLEY Healthcare, a market leading provider of visibility solutions and analytics for the healthcare industry, will demonstrate recent advances in real-time Asset Management and Environmental Monitoring at the Association of the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) Annual Conference & Expo in Tampa, Florida, June 3 to 6, 2016, booth 830. 

STANLEY Healthcare is the market leader in Real-Time Location System (RTLS) solutions, and has earned the distinction of KLAS Category Leader for RTLS for five consecutive years. The impact of STANLEY Healthcare’s AeroScout® Asset Management and Environmental Monitoring solutions are well established, as seen through these customer results:

  • Reduction in equipment search times to less than 2 minutes, a 90% improvement;
  • 100% PM rate of level-one criticality equipment without overtime;
  • Efficiency gains from automated environmental monitoring equivalent to 1 FTE per 15 devices, producing a 3-month ROI;
  • Six alerts that saved $400,000 in vaccines/medications in just the first five months.

Building on its pioneering work in real-time Asset Management and Environmental Monitoring, STANLEY Healthcare is taking these solutions to the next level through visual business intelligence. MobileView® Analytics is an advanced BI tool that transforms real-time information about patients, staff and assets into powerful visual dashboards—opening up new levels of operational insights for better in-the-moment decisions as well as more effective long-term process improvements to drive efficiency and reduce costs.

“As biomedical and clinical engineers know well, hospitals have many moving parts—from caregivers, staff and patients to the equipment and processes that support care delivery. We’ve designed our RTLS visibility and analytics solutions to help orchestrate that complexity with greater efficiency and quality,” says Joel Cook, Senior Director of Healthcare Solutions at STANLEY Healthcare. “We’re looking forward to showcasing some of our latest enhancements to the biomedical and clinical engineering community at this year’s AAMI event.” At the STANLEY Healthcare booth, AAMI attendees will have a chance to see some of these innovative capabilities firsthand:

Par Level Asset Management

Visual analytics gives material management a real-time understanding of how well current par level practices are performing. Dynamic dashboards highlight areas for improvement and support seamless, behind-the-scenes provisioning of critical equipment to meet clinical needs. The result is improved asset distribution and utilization, increased staff efficiency, and reduced capital and operational costs.

Real-Time Inventory Status

Real-time Inventory Status supports streamlined workflows for both material management and clinical staff. By updating in real-time asset allocation, distribution and utilization — by site and floor, equipment category and business status — the visual dashboard enables more efficient equipment pickup and distribution, while empowering staff with real-time visual inventory levels to address equipment needs before shortages occur. The dashboard also significantly reduces the time required to physically locate and retrieve equipment for PM or recalls.

Real-Time Equipment Workflow Cycle

The Real-Time Equipment Workflow Cycle dashboard takes the natural flow of key equipment cycles and makes it visual. Inefficiencies in the flow and their impact on downstream processes are made immediately and graphically evident to drive a range of outcomes: improved patient and staff satisfaction by reducing the wait time for pumps, efficient throughput in the equipment pool by streamlining the handling and cleaning process, and better visibility for clinical engineering staff to help identify potential bottlenecks before they occur.

Environmental Monitoring

Intuitive dashboards allow staff to quickly understand current temperature and humidity levels and trends across monitored storage devices and rooms, with problematic assets prioritized. Visibility boards enable timely response to temperature warnings before a situation becomes critical—improving staff efficiency while avoiding spoilage costs and reducing safety risks. In addition, historical dashboards make it easy to view individual asset performance for regulatory compliance, find patterns in temperature deviations, and apply predictive analytics to identify potential device malfunctions before they occur.

STANLEY Healthcare is proud of its involvement with AAMI stretching back more than a decade, reflecting the company’s longstanding commitment to work with biomedical professionals to improve how hospitals manage assets and monitor environmental conditions. The company is pleased to be exclusive sponsor of the Expo Hall networking sessions from 4:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. on Saturday, June 4 and Sunday, June 5.

To learn more about STANLEY Healthcare’s visibility solutions and analytics, visit booth #830 at the 2016 AAMI Annual Conference & Expo, June 3 to 6, 2016.

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