Stanley Heatlhcare Solutions Features Pedz™ Pediatric Protection System

FRAMINGHAM, Mass., October 9, 2011 – Stanley Healthcare (SHS), a business division of Stanley Black & Decker, will be exhibiting its pediatric patient security products and services at the National Association of Children’s Hospitals and Related Institutions (NACHRI) Annual Leadership Conference this week in Bellevue, WA. SHS is featuring Pedz™, a new generation of electronic security systems designed for pediatrics. The Pedz™ system is the only product specifically designed to protect pediatric patients from abduction and flight risk. The Pedz™ system was built on the proven technology of Stanley Healthcare’ Hugs® infant protection system. Pedz™ provides security for patients and peace of mind for staff. Key features include a tamper-resistant tag with a cut-resistant band that resists unauthorized removal. Removal will immediately alarm in the event that an attempt is successful. Patients can personalize their tags with a “skin” that resembles a cover on a phone or game console, which helps to increase patient acceptance of the tag and the system. Pedz™ offers a single-patient use re-attachable band that can be quickly removed when a patient needs to leave the department for medical procedures and then re-attached using the same band, saving time and money. The product also features automatic re-enroll for when a patient returns from a medical procedure and the tag is re-attached –automatically re-enrolling them in the system and re-associating them with the right patient data. Pedz™ also acknowledges that different patients have different requirements. Depending on the age and the risk profile of the patient, the hospital can choose to let the patient roam throughout the facility without supervision. The permission is allowed only during certain times of day and only in certain areas with automatic notification if a patient does not return when specified. “Pedz™ offers personalized security,” explains Rich Shanks, President of Stanley Healthcare. “It has given hospitals the flexibility they need for a pediatric application.” From an integration point of view, this is an easier solution than earlier products. It shares a common platform with the Hugs® system and Stanley Healthcare’ new Passport™ patient protection system. All of Stanley Healthcare’ patient security systems are backed by the By Your Side™ customer support program, providing a wide array of clinical education services and products to ensure each hospital’s success with the system. For more information on the Pedz™ system or other Stanley Healthcare’ products, please visit

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