STANLEY InnerSpace to Demo Advanced SpaceTRAX® Inventory Software and Total Transformation Program at AORN 2012

FRAMINGHAM, Mass., March 19, 2012STANLEY InnerSpace, a market leader in supply management and lean storage solutions for the healthcare industry, will demonstrate the cost-saving capabilities of its advanced inventory management software at AORN’s 59th Annual Congress in New Orleans from March 24-26. The SpaceTRAX® system, along with a revolutionary lean management program known as Transformational Lean™, will serve as the focus of InnerSpace Booth #4511, hosted by lean management expert Suzi Crowe. She’ll provide time-tested tips and winning strategies for taking OR organization to the next level for maximum savings and optimum efficiency. SpaceTRAX is an ROI-driven inventory control system that can be used anywhere the internet is available. It capitalizes on sophisticated, but simple-to-use, barcoding technology to accurately track and manage supplies, optimizing inventory levels and eliminating financial losses due to expired products and over-ordering. Most importantly, SpaceTRAX fits into existing workflows to reduce the number of hours spent managing inventory and free up those hours for patient care. Transformational Lean is a unique, customizable program that targets and resolves hospital or departmental inefficiencies in order to boost hospital productivity, allow for better patient care, and improve financial performance. Congress attendees can pre-register for an informal meeting at, or connect with Suzi and her team of lean experts at STANLEY InnerSpace is part of the STANLEY Healthcare business platform.

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