The Valley Hospital to Present on STANLEY Healthcare Staff Security & Safety Solution at Emergency Nursing 2016 Convention

Poster session highlights marked improvement in staff perception of safety with implementation of staff safety solution

WALTHAM, Mass., September 8, 2016 —STANLEY Healthcare, a market leading provider of visibility and analytics solutions for the healthcare industry, today announced that its AeroScout® Staff Security & Safety solution will be among the technologies reviewed in a poster session at Emergency Nursing 2016, the annual convention of the Emergency Nurses Association (ENA), taking place in Los Angeles, CA, September 14-17.

The session will be delivered by Rebecca Young, MAS, BSN, RN, CEN, CPEN, EMT-B, ED North Supervisor at The Valley Hospital, located in Ridgewood, NJ. Entitled “Utilizing Technology to Improve Emergency Preparedness and Staff Safety,” the session reviews how the AeroScout Solution played a central role in an initiative to improve perceptions of physical safety among workers in the Emergency Department (ED).

Violence in the ED is a well-documented issue. Studies by both the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) and the ENA document the very high rates of workplace violence in the ED. According to the ACEP’s Emergency Department Violence Fact Sheet, more than three-quarters of emergency physicians and more than 70% of ED nurses experienced at least one violent workplace incident in a year. The ENA’s Emergency Department Violence Surveillance Study found that 12.1% of ED nurses reported experiencing physical violence within the previous week, while 42.5% reported verbal abuse.

Aware of these facts, in September 2015 The Valley Hospital surveyed the ED nursing staff regarding their personal history of work-related physical and/or verbal violence and their perceptions of safety in the department. The hospital then developed workplace safety goals to improve perceptions of safety, including the implementation of the AeroScout solution.

Part of STANLEY Healthcare’s Real-Time Location System (RTLS) platform, the AeroScout Staff Security & Safety solution uses wireless Wi-Fi staff badges to enable staff members to call for assistance from anywhere in the hospital. Safety and Security personnel of The Valley Hospital are immediately alerted when any clinician or business associate presses his or her badge for help, and have real-time visibility to the present location of the individual.

Other initiatives undertaken by The Valley Hospital to improve staff safety in the ED included implementing a web-based app that allows staff members to report a threat and receive an alert in the event of an emergency; requiring all staff to complete an online evacuation training module specific to the department; conducting an active-shooter and evacuation drill in the Pediatric ED; and training ED staff members in de-escalation techniques to assist in preventing violence in the ED.

The Valley Hospital repeated the survey of ED staff in March 2016 and again in June 2016. The results show a marked increase in feelings of safety among staff:
• Respondents agreeing or strongly agreeing with the statement “I feel that workplace safety is taken seriously in my department” increased from 50% in September 2015 to 85% in June 2016.
• Those agreeing or strongly agreeing with the statement “I feel that I can easily contact security if help is needed anywhere in the department” increased from 50% to 88% over the same period.
“The AeroScout Solution is a key component of our program for staff safety,” says Young. “We’re excited about the progress we’ve made to date, and optimistic that we will continue to see an improvement in staff morale.”

Attendees will be able to discuss the findings with Young in person on Friday September 16, 12:00-4:00 PM PT. Further information on the use case is also available on the STANLEY Healthcare website.

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