STANLEY Healthcare has assembled solution bundles, best practices and advice for customers to help them adapt their solutions to manage the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our Key Priorities

STANLEY Healthcare is committed to updating our customers as we respond to the very dynamic COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak. We are very mindful that our customers deliver care to many thousands of people, and our first priority is the safety of all concerned. We are focused on three key areas:

  • Keeping our team safe
  • Maintaining operational effectiveness
  • Doing our part to contain the spread

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Quick Deployment Solutions

These options for current and new customers address COVID-19 related use cases. Limited-time pricing (where applicable) has been extended through December 31, 2020.

Hospital Solutions

A woman pressing a nurse call button with her thumb

Arial Emergency Call Bundles

Rapidly deploy wireless or Wi-Fi-based emergency call (nurse call) in new patient care facilities or non-traditional areas of existing hospitals.
Arial WirelessLearn More
Arial Wi-FiLearn More

A row of medical equipment

Asset Management Bundles

These bundles enable rapid deployment of Asset Management to track equipment for the COVID-19 surge: ventilators, IV pumps, etc.
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A phone screen of someone shopping for medical pumps

Infusion Pump Asset Management

Asset management to efficiently locate pumps for use, maintenance or distribution. Combined bundles with leading pump manufacturers.
B Braun Medical: Learn More
ICU MedicalLearn More

UMP Sentry Fall Monitor

Fall Management Bundle 

Deploy fall monitoring in temporary care areas with the user-friendly UMP solution. Bundle include all necessary components for rapid deployment. 

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A temperature gage on the wall next to a room with blood bags

Environmental Monitoring Bundles

Rapidly deploy monitoring of refrigerator conditions in blood banks, pharmacies and patient care areas.
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A doctor using a phone

Cloud-Based Environmental Monitoring 

Self-deployed monitoring with AeroScout Links of refrigerated storage of pharmaceuticals, blood products in new patient care areas. Designed for customers not using the AeroScout platform. Learn More 

A nurse scanning a bar code into a computer

Inventory Management Bundle

Manage and protect critical consumable items – PPE, test kits, etc. – with the SpaceTRAX software and optional RFID enabled carts. Rapid and remote deployment for hospitals not currently using SpaceTRAX. Learn More

Hospital beds lined up in rows

Patient Call for Temporary Care Areas

These bundles enable rapid deployment of call stations and pendants for patient call.
Current MobileView Users: Learn More
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Senior Living Solutions

A senior citizen pressing their medical alert necklace

Arial Emergency Call Simplified Deployment

Deploy wireless emergency call either entirely remotely (self-installed) or with minimal on-site support.

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A repeater, two neck pendants, a call station and a pager

Arial Spare Parts Bundle

For current Arial customers, this bundle provides a range of components to help you keep your solution operating and manage a surge in new residents. 

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an example of Forsite

Foresite Proactive Health Monitoring

Remotely deployable proactive health monitoring to identify early signs of biological changes that may indicate illness in residents before fever or other symptoms appear.

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Protective glasses and masks

Inventory Management Bundle

Manage and protect critical items – PPE, test kits, etc. – with the SpaceTRAX software and optional RFID enabled carts. Designed for rapid and remote deployment.

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An elder with an alarm bracelet looking at a device on the wall

WanderGuard BLUE Simplified Deployment

Deploy wander management either entirely remotely (self-installed) or with minimal on-site support.

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Three WGB Signaling devices and a vinyl strap with metal snap

WanderGuard Spare Parts Bundle

For current WanderGuard BLUE or legacy WanderGuard customers, this bundle provides a range of components to help you keep your solution operating. 

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Healthcare Solutions from Stanley Black & Decker

Divisions across the Stanley family are ready to help with solutions to address the COVID-19 crisis.

A woman using automatic touchless door activation

Automatic Touchless Door Activation 

Touchless door activation solutions from STANLEY Access Technologies, a leader in automated doors. Easily convert push-button door openers to touchless wave-activated sensors, and automate manual doors with swing door operators.

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Lista Storage units

Lista Storage Solutions

Mobile and fixed storage units for medical and laboratory supplies in a wide variety of sizes and configurations. Available in anti-microbial paint. 

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Best Practices and Resources

Tips for using your solution for specific use cases related to COVID-19 and guidance on cleaning and maintenance. 


Senior Living