The M210 Fall Monitor is an upgraded and improved version of our M200 Fall Detector. Caregivers can easily configure the M210 using a new iOS Mobile Application to suit their unique fall program requirements.

M210 Fall Monitor with 3 Lights On
M210 on wheelchair with iPhone mobile app

Enhance existing fall management programmes

The new M210 system takes fall management technology to a new level. Sleek and durable, the multi-featured fall monitor has new integrated Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) and Near Field Communication (NFC) modules and can be configured wirelessly to each patient or resident using a new iOS Mobile Application. This offers a single platform to cover the full range of fall monitor needs.

Connect two pads simultaneously

With the M210 Fall Monitoring System, you can connect two pads (one on a bed, another on a wheelchair or side chair) to a single monitor. This eliminates the need to disconnect and reconnect pad cords—enhancing safety while enabling caregivers to spend more time on high-value interactions with patients or residents.

Individual delay settings

Individual monitoring needs vary by levels of activity. The M210 makes it easy to establish individual delay settings (0, 1 or 2 seconds) to help reduce false alarms, avoid alarm fatigue, and address the individual needs of each patient or resident.

Standard yet personal

There’s no need to purchase and maintain multiple solutions to meet the diverse needs of those in your care. With the M210, you can standardise on a single product—while configuring each monitor based on individual care plan needs. The new M210 is also compatible with all M200 pads, accessories and mounting clips.

Simple Deployment with Convenient Mobile Application

The M210 Fall Monitor has integrated BLE and NFC modules, and uses a dedicated Fall Management iOS app (available for download from the App Store®) for wireless communication. This enables fast monitoring detection, configuration and firmware updates, making the deployment process easier than ever. Healthcare personnel can also leverage NFC modules for secured connections to prevent sniffing, hacking and data alteration attacks.

Aligned with your fall reduction programme

Fall management technology needs to support and align with your fall reduction programme. The M210 Fall Monitoring System connects integrates with virtually any nurse call or e-call solution—to become an indispensable part of your fall management programme.

Proven performance over 1 million monitors

To date, STANLEY Healthcare has helped thousands of healthcare organisations advance their patient safety goals, with over 1 million fall monitors embedded in a wide range of fall reduction protocols. Our advanced solutions empower caregivers to deliver better care and help create a safe, secure, and efficient healthcare experience across all of life’s stages.

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Nurse placing hand on patient's shoulder
M210 on Wheelchair Hold Transfer 2021

Long-Term Partnerships, Long-Term Value

Exceptional care requires teamwork, which is why STANLEY Healthcare selects only quality partners to deliver great products and services at the best price. Each of our trusted providers offer an unmatched level of personalised service and support to ensure end-to-end success. We value our partners and further stand by them with additional training to ensure excellent customer service and support at each stage of implementation.

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Sheila Geffre, RN
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Cancer Coordinator, Saint Alexius Medical Center
“All falls may not be preventable, but reduction is possible.”

The Leader in Fall Management

From the very first Bed-Check monitor over 30 years ago to our knowledgeable partners today, STANLEY Healthcare and our network of partners bring three centuries of combined experience in fall management assessments and workshops. Our long-term providers have evolved to meet the growing needs of healthcare organisations across the country with one goal in mind – a strong partnership in the assessment of current fall protocols and best practises from trusted accounts.

Professional Training

Our skilled healthcare partners are certified and will complete the installation of your new STANLEY Healthcare solution and deliver onsite training tailored to your organisation's learning needs before go-live. We also offer refresher training upon request to support, guide and help you get the most from your STANLEY Healthcare solution.

Best-In-Class Support

STANLEY Healthcare is focused on delivering operational excellence. Our experienced partners work with both clinical and support teams to enact proper workflows that include procurement of pads, par level setting, post-discharge cleaning guidance, and in-person follow-ups. Go-live with confidence knowing everything is aligned with your fall reduction plan.

On-Going Customer Care

Our commitment to customer service doesn’t end after installation. We make it easy to order additional products with options to purchase through a national distributor or a STANLEY Healthcare provider directly, regardless of inventory concerns. Our partners are also standing by to assist with technical support and will work together with STANLEY Healthcare to quickly resolve any issues.