The Hugs solution protects 2 million infants annually at over 1600 hospitals worldwide. It’s the global #1 infant security system.

Peace of Mind for Families and Caregivers

The Hugs system offers hospital-wide protection for infants and pediatric patients

Protection for all

Hugs is in use today to protect not just well newborns, but pediatric patients of all ages and even NICU babies at open-crib stage. And protection applies not just to stranger abduction, but to the growing threat of family abduction.

Author name
Elizabeth Dablock
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Crouse Health
“Birth is a huge and exciting time for families… Knowing we have that extra added level of security for our newborns is so important.”

More layers of security 

No other system swaddles infants in more protection, continually watching over each infant, every exit from the unit, all parts of the system and environment, and in every corner of the hospital. 

Scalable to any hospital

The Hugs security system provides effective, scalable and affordable protection. It’s the right choice for a 20-bed critical access hospital and a large urban medical center with thousands of births a year.

Automatic mother/infant matching

The Kisses component for Hugs is the only automatic and audible baby match support to traditional ID bands. It brings peace of mind for nurses and moms.

Smiling mother holds child with Hugs infant protection tag
Nurse attaching Hugs infant protection tag to baby's leg
Using Hugs

Designed for Caregivers

Reliable, simple… and proven

There’s a reason Hugs is the most used baby tagging solution – it just works. The Hugs newborn location bracelet is attached in seconds and activates automatically. Software procedures are short and intuitive. 

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Diane Hitchens
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Director of Women’s & Children’s Services, Peninsula Regional Medical Center
“Nurses can access the system in the patient’s room, so they can keep mom and baby comfy until they’re ready to leave.”

Fits your workflow

The Hugs solution adapts easily to any workflow. You can assign routine tasks to nurses, CNAs, unit clerks and others – at the point of care, at a central station or even in the security office.

Clinical education support

Our team of clinical educators make sure you get off on the right foot with initial training and go-live support. And for newcomer- or refresher training, Hugs offers online training and many other online resources.