Real-time hospital patient tracking systems to improve patient flow in the Operating Theatre, A&E and Outpatient Clinics.

Positively Impacting the Patient Experience

Transform Your Patient Flow 

They’re some of the most expensive and most important parts of the hospital: surgical services, the emergency department and clinics. Your reputation and financial health depend on making these services safe, efficient and rewarding for patients and caregivers alike. That’s what the AeroScout patient flow solution delivers.

Reduce wait times

With visibility to the status of every patient up and down stream, key mobile equipment and all your rooms or bays, you can see bottlenecks forming and take steps to address them before they turn into delays. 

Average patient wait times down by 40%

Increase family and patient satisfaction

Long wait times and lack of communication to the family are a major cause of low patient satisfaction.  The AeroScout solution helps you reduce wait times to keep both patients and family members satisfied.

Improve care team communication

Visual dashboards and color-coded maps highlight critical information—room assignments, patient presence, staff presence, or room ready for turnover— and performance relative to benchmarks. Caregivers can make better decisions without having to constantly call colleagues for status updates.

Increase room utilisation

Room-level visibility lets you easily see which rooms are available for patient placement, automate staff communication for faster room turnaround times and gain insights for optimising room utilisation over the long term. 

Understand and optimise flows

Comprehensive reports allow exploration of patient flow data to uncover new insights or to investigate root causes of a particular issue. You can understand patient experience like never before.

The AeroScout advantage

End-to-end Management of Patient Flows

Accurate, reliable location information

The AeroScout solution provides accurate location information (such as a room and bay level), while leveraging the existing Wi-Fi network to provide hospital-wide awareness.

Information to empower caregivers

Visual displays – map views, status dashboards and list views showing the condition of patients, staff, equipment and rooms – improve real-time decision making. Automated workflow alerts are targeted at specific caregivers and can be sent to a wide variety of communication devices.

Integrations to your core HIS

The solution’s HL7 open architecture and flexible API allows for synergistic integrations to core clinical systems such as the EHR, EDIS, ORIS, ADT, nurse call and capacity management solutions.

Unprecedented insight

Leverage powerful data for workflow analysis and optimisation, providing business intelligence around wait times, contact times, cycle times, staff workflow and room and resource utilisation.

Doctors push patient bed through hospital doors