Market-leading visibility for accurate location information

The AeroScout Location Engine, a component of STANLEY Healthcare's AeroScout, Hugs, MyCall and Arial Wi-Fi solutions, delivers accurate and reliable location data for assets and people with STANLEY Healthcare Wi-Fi tags.


Flexible unified asset visibility 

The AeroScout Location Engine is the most complete and scalable visibility solution on the market.

Keep people, assets and environments safe

Advanced algorithms offer the industry’s most accurate asset location and status determination.

Leverage your existing Wi-Fi network

Use standard Wi-Fi infrastructure to get accurate status and location information for people and assets.

Advanced sensor and telemetry capability 

Track motion, temperature, humidity and voltage; indoor and outdoor environments; and egress points. 

Comprehensive, single user interface

For system managers, intuitive menu and commands simplify management, analysis and configuration tasks.

Device management

Configure and monitor all Exciters, Controllers and Gateways in the system.