Central visibility and control

The Arial software provides a powerful platform for centralized management, notification and reporting of emergency call, nurse call, WanderGuard BLUE wander management and more.


See. Understand. Act.

The Arial software provides powerful information about your community to help keep residents safe and secure and support high-quality care.

All-in-one visibility 

Manage multiple types of alarms and keep staff informed through a variety of means: mobile or IP phones, pagers, scrolling signs, dome lights, e-mail and text messages. Each alert provides essential “who” and “where” information.

Management Dashboard

Easily see how you’re performing in key areas so you can address issues as they arise and identify opportunities for long-term improvement.

Anytime, anywhere reports

Reports are available via any web browser, giving administrators convenient and secure access to vital information.

Ease of use

An intuitive interface makes it simple to admit new residents, add images, configure new devices and customize alarms and notifications.

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