Protect memory care residents against elopement risk with the most sophisticated – and the simplest – wander management solution.

Helping Caregivers Protect Residents

For many thousands of senior living caregivers, wander management means WanderGuard. WanderGuard BLUE takes that legacy of performance and innovation to new heights.

Easy on caregivers

WanderGuard BLUE is designed to support caregivers, with simple keypad commands, the option for door bypass using keypads or badges, and integration with the Arial platform for mobile alert notifications. WanderGuard BLUE is highly reliable, too – a solution caregivers can have confidence in.

Resident centered

From the small and discreet resident bracelet to the streamlined design of the door components, WanderGuard BLUE respects the dignity of residents and the ambiance of your community. 

Author name
Brian McGinley
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President, Northeast Protection Partners (NEPPS)
“WanderGuard BLUE takes wander management to a whole new level. It’s an ideal solution for protecting senior living residents.”

All-in-one solution

WanderGuard BLUE is the only system you will ever need to manage elopement risk. Not only does it offer built-in UL 294 access control, but it integrates seamlessly with the Arial platform for advanced alerting and reporting. Whether you need to protect one door or an entire campus, it’s an affordable and scalable solution that grows with you.

Peace of mind 

Above all, WanderGuard BLUE delivers peace of mind to caregivers and family from the knowledge that each resident is individually protected with maximum freedom.

WanderGuard BLUE alarm on senior living door

Giving Back in the Fight to End Alzheimer’s

Six in ten people with dementia or Alzheimer’s will wander. WanderGuard BLUE is designed to help protect memory care residents against elopement while empowering caregivers with a sophisticated yet simple wander management solution.

STANLEY Healthcare is proud to support the fight against Alzheimer’s disease.

Learn more about the Alzheimer’s Association

The WanderGuard Advantage

Setting a Higher Standard for Wander Management

Affordable, next-gen technology 

WanderGuard BLUE uses a new generation of technology, including Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), to not only deliver a wider range of functionality, but to reduce the cost of ownership too. 

Easy setup and management

WanderGuard BLUE cuts setup time in half compared to other solutions. Everything is handled on the WanderGuard BLUE Manager tablet application, which allows you to quickly download door configuration templates and user lists to each Door Controller.  

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Deb Friend
Author Title
Administrator, Riverside Lodge
“The convenient mobile tablet simplifies day-to-day administration.”

Secure and reliable operation

Every user has an individual passcode to clear alarms and bypass exits, and user lists can be quickly update with the app, putting you in complete control of your security. In addition, WanderGuard BLUE offer highly reliable operation; it’s designed to detect, avoid, and overcome interference.

Achieve data-driven care

With seamless integration to the Arial platform, WanderGuard BLUE offers unprecedented insight into resident wandering. Sophisticated reporting, event management and audit capabilities allow you to benchmark your performance and move towards care programs built on data.

WanderGuard BLUE wander management equipment
Caregiver in senior living checks WanderGuard BLUE alarm