The WanderGuard BLUE solution represents the next generation of wander management technology: more features, more affordable and more appealing.

Senior living caregiver uses WanderGuard BLUE keypad
Close up of WanderGuard BLUE management app on tablet

Scalable Next-gen Technology 

WanderGuard BLUE uses a new generation of technology, including Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), to deliver a wider range of functionality and reduce the cost of ownership. 

Easy Setup and Management

WanderGuard BLUE cuts setup time in half compared to other solutions. Everything is handled on the WanderGuard BLUE Manager tablet application, which allows you to quickly download door configuration templates and user lists to each Door Controller.  

Secure and Reliable Operation

Every user has an individual passcode to clear alarms and bypass exits, and user lists can be quickly update with the WanderGuard BLUE Manager app, putting you in complete control of your security. In addition, WanderGuard BLUE offers highly reliable operation; it’s designed to detect, avoid, and overcome interference.

Integration to Arial

WanderGuard BLUE integrates directly to the Arial platform for consolidating alerts notification and reporting in one system.

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Senior living caregiver uses WanderGuard BLUE to help resident