Automate the monitoring and reporting of hand hygiene compliance and create a compliance culture.

Accurate, Continuous and Objective Hand Hygiene Monitoring 

Drive patient safety and turn caregivers into hand hygiene champions

Improve patient safety 

Proper hand hygiene is known to reduce hospital-acquired infections (HAIs), which cost the healthcare industry billions of dollars every year and are a top patient safety concern. Automated hand washing compliance detection gives you the tools to measure and then improve hand hygiene performance.

Move from estimates to actuals

Manual observation of compliance can provide a false picture. Observations are only “spot checks” and may be subject to the Hawthorne Effect/observation bias, resulting in inaccurate data. The AeroScout solution gives you a true picture of compliance, right down to the individual.

Motivate and support caregivers

With data that is impartial and easily shared, the AeroScout solution puts each caregiver in charge of their own performance. You can identify your hand hygiene “champions” and have them mentor their peers in need of improvement. 

A foundation for continuous improvement

Over time, your hospital will develop a detailed understanding of compliance by unit, shift, role and individual, giving you the information you need to target problem areas and drive continued performance improvements.

Real World Results

The AeroScout solution is the foundation of Huntsville Hospital’s hand hygiene culture.

58% improvement in compliance

with individual compliance rates above 90%

Author name
Jamie Fortenberry, RN, MSN
Author Title
Director Nursing Unit, Cardiology I, Huntsville Hospital
“The AeroScout solution provides us with the means to build on our existing ‘Culture of Compliance’ and support key patient safety initiatives.”
Nurse sanitizes hands at hygiene compliance station
Two nurses smiling in front of hospital desk
The AeroScout advantage

Creating a Compliance Culture

Near real-time visibility empowers caregivers to see and improve their performance

Data that’s trusted

Improving compliance depends on having data that everyone accepts as true and complete. That’s exactly what AeroScout delivers, thanks to technology that doesn’t require line of sight or come with other restrictions. 

Immediate feedback

Caregivers can see how they’re doing relative to their peers on a dashboard that updates results in near-real-time. You get healthy competition to improve that doesn’t require heavy-handed management intervention.

Author name
Jamie Fortenberry, RN, MSN
Author Title
Director Nursing Unit, Cardiology I, Huntsville Hospital
“The ability of the solution to capture virtually every hand hygiene event and present compliance data in visual form gives our nurses, managers and infection preventionists an important tool to see and improve performance.”

No impact on workflow

The AeroScout solution requires no extra steps for caregivers. Just use the hand hygiene dispenser as usual and the system takes care of the rest.

Nurture compliance

Analytics facilitate in-depth analysis of compliance by role, location, time and individual. Visual dashboards enable managers to better understand compliance and help identify educational opportunities.

Partnered with industry leaders

STANLEY Healthcare partners with both GOJO and Ecolab to deliver a customized and fully integrated solution – no extra power source is required, yet the embedded exciter device does not reduce the dispenser’s standard battery life.