The MyCall solution, part of the AeroScout RTLS platform, helps hospitals protect healthcare workers against the risk of violence no matter where they are in the hospital.

Tablet receives MyCall Staff Protection distress alert
Nurse puts MyCall staff protection button into holder

Portable, Personal Protection

Each staff member carries a Wi-Fi badge and can discreetly call for help from any location and without having to reach a fixed call station. 

Accurate, Hospital-Wide Location

By leveraging the hospital’s Wi-Fi network, the MyCall solution can locate staff members anywhere with Wi-Fi coverage, even the parking garage. Use of exciter devices enables resolution down to the room level for high-risk areas.

Comprehensive Alarm Information

Complete alarm details are presented in clear visual fashion, including a map showing the staff member’s current location, on a variety of mobile devices.

Designed as a Life-Safety System

A Test Station enables staff member to confirm that badges are working properly before going on shift, and the census view in the MobileView software gives managers an at-a-glance view of status, including low battery badges and badges that have not been tested recently.

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Close up of nurse pressing MyCall button