Constant monitoring for quality care

Use the AeroScout T5h Humidity Tag in operating rooms, endoscopy cabinets and other areas that are require humidity control for infection prevention. It’s also ideal for helping maintain a comfortable environment in patient rooms. 


Prevent infections, provide comfort

The AeroScout T5h Humidity Tag delivers around-the-clock monitoring—making it possible to identify and react to out-of-range humidity levels before they impact safety or quality of care.

Flexible deployment

Like all AeroScout tags, the T5h Tag takes advantage of your existing Wi-Fi network, with no dedicated sensor network or hard wires to install. Implementing is fast and easy.

Continuous monitoring

Place the battery-powered tags with integrated sensors wherever you need to monitor humidity levels. They will periodically send the measured humidity over your Wi-Fi network.

Alert and correct

When any sensor reports out-of-range humidity, the system alerts users via desktop software and mobile devices for immediate response.